This is not a daily thing — Sorry

I haven’t written daily simply because

  1. No one seems to be reading
  2. I have been busy for real in real life. That is not a normal thing with me.
  3. I had to sew a dress for my oldest sons wedding and make sure I have the stuff I needed for traveling cross country to the West coast.

Now I also know how to make a numbered list on here. :-) So I’m not sure if I’ll be writing for the two weeks on the road. I don’t intend to bring my laptop, too much sightseeing to do. I’ll probably never have the opportunity to see several different parts of California again. Hopefully the current wildfires haven’t blacken the countryside too much. And even bigger hope is that no one gets hurt during all the fires. I was going to see Big Sur but they evacuated due to fire. San Francisco is still intact but going further South as I will have to for the wedding makes me uncomfortable. I would hate for the wedding to be burned out. My son reports that you can see the black smoke and it makes it hazy. So I will be back writing as I can.

Wish me luck. I’m traveling in a Jeep with 3 of my other adult kids and one 10 year old grandson. This will be the test to see how long we can tolerate each other in such a small space.

Writing about that just might be worth borrowing one of their computers.