So many how, why and what yet to be answered, so many if…buts still waiting to be responded. So so many of many’ies…

These answers will never be seek ever again. Afraid that, these will never be asked ever again, not because these are deemed less valuable now as it looked to be earlier but because responses are forcibly silenced and suppressed by the dark clouds, the clouds of separation. These grown up clouds were not there initially. Once, there were not any single trace indifference and intolerance between then. The accumulated frightening dark space is created by the tiny piece of silence they have purposefully allowed in between to make the bond stronger. The silence was secretly planning for a long time to make it’s presence. It has successfully executed all its pefectly drafted plan. It was so precise that they could barely feel it. The space beetween them is so dense that they could barely hear the strongest whim. All they could hear is the echos of their own voices, reflected back to them by barriers of spaces of time and relations. It’s so strong that it has just ripped apart all the bonds, it has tore apart all the threads, they had woven for all through out their lives.

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