On 3 August 2016, Government Of India passed The Constitution (One Hundred and Twenty-Second Amendment) Bill, 2014, which is commonly known as the Goods and Services Tax Bill or the GST Bill. Originally published on 19 December 2014, the GST Bill proposes a national value-added tax to be implemented in India from June 2016. The bill was introduced in the Lok Sabha by Arun Jaitley, Finance Minister, Government of India.

What is GST

The GST is a comprehensive indirect tax on both goods and services that will replace the current levied by the Central and State governments. The GST will be levied and…

The constitution is a fundamental law of a country that reflects the fundamental principles on which the government of the country is based. In this article, learn some of the interesting features of the Indian Constitution.

The bulkiest constitution of the world

The Indian constitution is one of the bulkiest constitution of the world, comprising of 395 articles, 22 parts and 12 schedules. So far the constitution underwent 100 amendments (28 May, 2015).

Rigidity and flexibility

The Indian constitution is combination of rigidity and flexibility, which means some parts of it can be amended by the Parliament by a simple majority, whereas some parts require a two-third majority as…

In 1921–22, the Archaeological Survey of India revealed the existence of a vast unique civilisation in the north west of India, with its two urban centres at Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro. Later archaeologist dug out many other cities, such as Kalibangan, Kot Diji, Chanhu-daro, Dholavira, Banwali, Sutkagendor, etc. Named after Harappa, the first site to be excavated, the entire civilisation is known as the Harappan civilisation.

Origin and evolution

The Harappan civilisation is dated between 2600 and 1900 BC. There were earlier and later cultures, known as Early Harappan and Later Harappan. The Harappan period characterised by seals, beads, weights, stone blades and baked…

Learn how you can create your own Twitter bot using Node.js and the new Twitter API. The bot will auto retweet in response to tweets with some particular hashtags.

Recently I’ve created a Twitter bot called Sofia (@digitalsofia) that can answer to your @mention queries, tweet a new word a day with its meaning and part of speech and retweet in response to the tweets with #technology and #design. Setting up the bot wasn’t very difficult but I noticed there weren’t many tutorials out there. …

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