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When it comes to getting information on how to market your business online, there is a crap-ton (that’s like a whole lot) of it available to you — for free — with just a simple Google search. Really. Try it and you’ll see. You can find all the parts you need without spending the first dime.

The truth is, you can probably find any information you want to find for free using Google because well, Google is just awesome like that. But guess what? “Free” info isn’t necessarily valuable to you. In fact, it’s the antithesis of valuable. Why might you ask? Getting something for nothing gives you a false sense of value and it leads you astray. …

So why are you still acting like you are?

You may not feel afraid, but when I observe your actions, I see fear playing out big time.

And we’re both right.

Now, I realize that you’re probably scratching your head wondering, “how so?”

Here’s how…

Your actions are still coming from a place of fear, but now it’s out of habit. This happens when you’ve spent many years afraid of something, and then you did the work to get beyond the fear.

You start facing your fear down and stepping into what scares you, and as a result, you gain confidence. With the newfound confidence, you no longer feel the fear you used to feel. …


Deb Rebar

Mama Bear | Lover of Life | Writer | Health Advocate & Coach | Online Business Consultant

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