8 observations from a crumbling niche — and how to avoid getting crushed.
Hillary Weiss

Thanks for this article Hillary!

I’m THRILLED that the adjustment is happening (I say adjustment because like the financial markets, the real estate markets, and the like, things swing a little too wide, get a little too crazy and then need to be brought back to center.) I’ve been in this business for over 14 years and when you work in the backend of someone’s business, you see the truth behind what they are made of. I’ve seen things spinning out of control for years now and knew there would be a breaking point.

I’ve parted ways with many clients over integrity issues and slimy marketing tactics and I’ve fantasized about writing a juicy tell all book but it’ll remain that — just a fantasy because I have no desire to cause anyone misfortune.

Marketing has always been about building relationships, connecting through story, and filling the needs of others. The internet through us a curve ball on how that all takes place but it still must take place.

Bravo on this, I honor you for speaking up!

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