Posted on March 29, 2015


it canto my attention in on Monday night last that that too many domestic ay abused woe are sent away with:

A: No support

B: No optio to have this experience looked at by anyone more than a mere counsellor! (Counselling is a ver integral part of healing but not the only part)

C: The you learn to live or get over over it attitude.

I was listening to a radio station where young people 16–25 yo can call in with serious or embarrassing problems and discuss an issue. I was travelling to an well known supermarket at a later hour as I usually have to do because of anxiety and crowds, and I was driving when it was on. This 23 year you’d woman and described her experience as if it was my own and I was horrified at the similarities. I was studying social work as an under graduate a few years back and had one day unintentionally picked up a book in the library for a psychology module. The module wasn’t about generalised trauma however I found myself listing sections wanting more and more answers. It was on PTSD and wrote in the 1980’s the statistics where diabolical, upsetting and severely anger provoking this was how I found out I had post traumatic stress before a Medical doctor of 25 years experience would prescribe all sorts of mood altering drugs and wouldn’t even entertain the notion this could be the cause!

Here was this young girl know clue why she was having all if these physical. and emotional responses after being emotionally and mentally abused and beaten for 3 years. The saddest part was her family as my own through ignorance and non education thought she was now fine 2 years later expecting her to get on with her life whilst stuck in a vortex of pain, confusion and fear. I know my own are the same 5 years later think I should be dwelling in it anymore, but they don’t understand it’s not in me anymore its embedded in my cells and it will be for her to until she realises and GETS SPECIALIST. help for PTSD. Thankfully the doctor she was speaking to knew right away the young lady was traumatised and struggling for air let alone help. But it made me reflect back on the overwhelming statistics of that book ‘written in the 80′) which said ‘the people most highly like to develop PTSD the more severe form, are those who have suffered Domestic Violence’ with that the words shuttered through my body and I realised my purpose. The leading charities dealing with this. or the ones I went to in the UK were to me ignoring this fact and instead re-traumatising these women by forcing them over the sickening details time and time again. Please do not think I am running down the excellent work these charities do if it weren’t for them a lot and I mean a lot of women would still be. trapped and living in fear. What I mean is that everyday these women including myself are reliving the fear anyway manifested in a different form hidden behind a mask one that is ripping us apart from the inside out with an discoverable mask to the outside world and the very people holding it, which is not just ruining what if we managed to scrape it back and get help, it’s so invisible makes us feel on the brink of insanity whilst it works it’s magic.

This needs researched in depth, it needs drawn attention too and that’s my intentions in this blog. The book reference will be up for referencing shortly.

“every breath I take is half the person I used to be”

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