Why I work with the body…

Body Psychotherapy 
‘know our bodies know our ourselves, find freedom’

In psychotherapy the body can be a tool for healing. Being aware of the body brings us into a deeper relationship with our feelings, it creates a release and increases self awareness and self mastery. Body intelligence is so important in building a strong sense of self, resilience and a sense of peace within.

We feel certain feelings in certain areas of the body and each area can suffer trauma or become overworked. Anxiety is a good example of an access in the solar plexus. It is a sign of imbalance and excess of energy. Taking attention to the body in therapy and in life means we can follow the path of the body to uncover parts of ourselves and integrate more fully. Working specifically with these imbalances can unblock and help you move through issues both emotionally and physically.

It is essential to grow these connections for individuation to occur. If we fail to acknowledge aspects of being human arguably we cannot be whole. By releasing unconscious and repressed parts we enable the flow of energy through the whole system.