Top 5 Reasons To Attend An Insurtech Conference

Thinking of attending an Insurtech conference, but not quite convinced? Here are the top five reasons why you should stop thinking and start buying your ticket now.

1. Networking

Career Search

Insurtech is rapidly becoming one of the hottest industries, since the branch off from its more well-known cousin fintech. If you’re in the market for a new career or even looking to switch gears within the job you currently have, there’s no better place than to network with people from all areas of insurtech.

Who Attends Insurtech Conferences?

  • Insurance Carriers
  • Insurtech Startups
  • Technology Partners
  • Venture Capitalists and Investors
  • Vendors and Suppliers
  • Agents

Some insurtech conferences cater to the masses attracting thousands of attendees, giving you more chances to connect with people, while others like SVIA’s InsurTech Fusion focuses less on quantity, more on quality, attracting mostly C-level attendees and decision makers. There may be less people at this event, but your connections could prove to be of greater value landing you lucrative business deals, lasting partnerships, and actionable strategy plans to implement in your own company.


It’s a great idea to chat with all of the vendors at each insurtech conference you attend, in addition to the attendees. This will help you build up a list of vendors and suppliers for areas you currently need and will need in the future. As a bonus, you can also ask other attendees about them for reference since you’re all already there.

Business Opportunities

While the conference is, of course, a destination for learning development, it’s equally important for you to talk to as many people as you can that will elevate your company’s mission and business objectives. Many people attending are there for the same reason as you and are ripe for the picking to start potential partnerships! Insurtech conferences are the perfect hunting grounds to look for business.

Some insurtech conferences will actually release the attendee list ahead of time. Others, will go one step further, like InsurTech Fusion and allow you to set up 1-on-1 meetings ahead of time through their dedicated conference app. Do your homework and take advantage of these! If you wait until you get to the insurtech conference, chances are your competitor didn’t and has already swooped in on that deal that could have been yours. Polish off your charm skills and connect early.

2. Funding/Investors

Are you an insurtech startup looking to take your company to the next level? There’s no better place than at an insurtech conference. Find out which ones have startup showcases where you can pitch to a crowd filled with insurance carriers, investors and VCs looking to find their next big investment. Insurtech Fusion on June 18–19 in San Francisco, CA for example hosts four startup showcases over the course of their two-day summit and offers an online application form. Who knows? You may just find yourself becoming the next insurtech unicorn!

3. Thought Leadership

Insurtech conferences are wonderful opportunities for career building. Speaking opportunities cement you as a thought leader to a wide audience eager to learn and hear your knowledge as a subject matter expert. The more times you attend and are public facing at an insurtech conference, the more you build up your credibility as a leader in your space.

4. Branding

If you’re looking to get your company’s brand in front of a concentrated insurtech audience, there’s nothing like becoming a sponsor at an insurtech conference. No one can explain your company or product better than yourself, and that live human face-to-face connection is incomparable.

For sponsorship, you’ll usually get a booth where your team can represent your brand image, offer collateral, give demos, set up meetings, and close deals. Other times, your company may also have the chance to appoint someone to speak solo on a topic, be the monitor, or be part of a panel discussion. All of these are great, especially if you are new to the insurtech scene and you want the more established players to take notice.

If you are a more established company, it’s imperative to attend. Not only to stay relevant to the industry but with insurtech companies sprouting up all the time, you’ll want to know who they are and which ones you may or may not want to do business with.

5. Educational

A lot of time, energy and resources go into creating the agenda of an insurtech conference. It’s a science sourcing the best speakers and then matching them with the right topics that are trending, as well as forecasting the future of the insurtech industry. Conference organizers want their attendees to leave feeling inspired, educated and ready to implement what they have learned.

Attend For Yourself

You should personally attend an insurtech conference to increase your knowledge, hear from the best thought leaders in the industry, listen to case studies and strategies which you can apply to your own line of business, and participate in workshops and hands-on learning opportunities. Some insurtech conferences even offer CEUs (Continuing Education Units) for attending.

Attend For Your Company

Attend for your company to bring knowledge back to the team. Insurtech conferences are not cheap. While some may offer bulk discounts for multiple ticket buys, the whole company may be relying on you to relay what you have learned. Pay attention and take good notes. The ideas you learn at one conference could inspire the next big idea for your company that could have a major impact.

Now that you know the top five reasons to attend an insurtech conference, you’re ready look for new business, fundraise, build your career, showcase your brand, and stay ahead of the industry curve.

If you’re ready to give one a try, definitely check out Insurtech Fusion, which is a bit different than your typical insurtech conference. Two days of immersive strategy and innovative sessions with C-level thought leaders, it’s the only insurtech conference designed to help insurance leaders benchmark their capabilities and plans against the competitive requirements of 2020’s digitally transformed and connected industry. Focused more on thought leadership and high-quality innovative content, this event attracts mostly C-level attendees and decision makers. People walk away with new business, connections and knowledge after attending.

Happy conferencing!