7 Essential Differences Between Poor and Rich People

Almost everyone desires to be rich, but according to Fixing Finances article, not a lot of people are. Why is it that just a few people have real wealth while all people desire it? Indeed, there must be basic differences between rich and poor people which account for their varying success levels.

A lot of times, rich people have the ability to generate awe inspiring things in their lives while many with little money seem to be stuck in their situations. If you have concluded that this is dues to some differences in skills or work ethics, you are not alone. However, if you take a closer look at the rich people you know, you’ll discover that most aren’t exactly intelligent, hardworking, or lucky. Let’s take a look at the differences between rich and poor people:

1. Rich people make efforts to create the life the want while poor people think they don’t have control of their lives. Why would you even try creating the life you want if you don’t believe you can? However, if you envision what you want, you have a fighting chance to get it.

2. Rich people have bigger dreams. Tell your not so rich friends something like “I want to be a millionaire.” You’ll most probably hear this reply from them “You don’t need that much money! You can live with less than a million dollars.”

Do you think people who say such things will ever be wealthy? Poor people have the tendency to think small while rich people go the extra mile and dream big.

3. The poor play not to lose, while the rich play to surely win. This is a big factor. The rich are willing to take risks and are always in search for ways to win when there is money at stake. The poor worry too much about how to preserve their limited resources, thus limiting themselves and not grabbing chances to get wealthy.

4. Obstacles vs. opportunities. Rich people focus more on the opportunities than just deal with the obstacles which sprout along the way. The poor tend to focus on just facing the obstacles.

Keeping your mind on the problem makes finding solutions more difficult. Being problem-oriented also causes challenged on becoming and staying motivated. Keep your eyes on the rewards and stay focused on solutions and how to get there so that moving towards your goals will be easier.

5. Have a sense of commitment. Rich people are great at staying committed to what they plan on achieving while the poor dedicate themselves to dreaming about their goals instead of making them come true. While it is enjoyable thinking how great it would be to be rich, that doesn’t get you anywhere. Set your goals and have the dedication to carry it through.

6. The peers you have play a role too. We tend to either rise or fall to our peers’ level. If you’d observe, rich people hang out with rich people. Spend some time with wealthy people if you want financial success. After a while your perspective will change especially when you hear how people make thousands of dollars all in one day.

7. The rich never stop learning. Especially when it comes to money, the rich constantly learn about making more. The poor often think they already know everything. Don’t stop finding out about how to earn more. If you want to improve your financial state, developing the habits and attitudes in this article can go a long way! You’ll be surprised how things can turn around and you should keep in mind that it’s never too late to take the initiative. Take that step today and make that positive change to your financial life forever!

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