I don’t fear a man that practices 10,000 moves, once each. I do fear the man that practices 1 move, 10,000 times.

That’s a quote that goes to show just how privy “habits” are in developing “character”. The “character” that on its own dictates how “effective”, “resilient” or “productive” one turns out. In fact, habits dictate as much as one’s standard of living.

Even the Old Testament, in the book of Proverbs reads..
“Manners maketh man.”

One way to pick up a habit is to repeat the activity for 21 consecutive days. Any activity becomes natural and subconscious to you, after the 21st day of consecutive repetition.

Another way to pick up a habit is to replace an existing habit you do not want. For instance, instead of saying “I will start studying Geometry everyday as from now on”, say “As from now on, instead of whatever unwanted habit, I will study Geometry”

The third way, I want to introduce to you is the TRAILS network. As the name implies, it makes you write entries of what you’re doing while doing them, and gives you the Statistics of those habits.

TRAILS also pounces on the buoyancy of peer pressure, linking you to people with similar interests, goals and habits.

With a page dedicated to push you to achieving those future tasks and events, you’re bound to be more productive with TRAILS.

So, what are you waiting for? Get TRAILS now.