The Ultimate Privacy Coin
Inferno Tower

For me this article is bullshit. Masternodes are not centralized, there is not a single entity, anyone can buy 1000 dash and host a masternode.

Dash is quite a small project, yet masternodes are distributed among hunderds of people.

You are talking about the future of various cryptocurrencies, but you forgot dash future features, masternodes are evolving, mainly thanks to Dash Evolution. Privacy will definitely evolve.

You totaly forgot about fact that masternodes are in the network to defend against Sybil attack.

Monero for example, does not have SPV client. Other coins will not have such client for a long time. In years as blockchains will bloat, you are going to get very centralized without much scaling possible. In other words, your coins will turn into being nice shit. You can’t rely on miners as node operators (you will only create more centralization).

There are more incentivized stakeholders in Dash, thus the coin is working most toward decentralization.

With dash evo there will be more possibilites to enhance privacy further and keep high rate of scaling.

So unfortunately this article is pretty much biased toward a single view.

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