Let’s Not Pretend

  • Poetry
  • Verbose rants, mentally healthy or unhealthy, preferably close but below the line of Trauma Dumping
  • My mental maps on figuring out fresh experiences that I don’t understand at first
  • Jokes. Preferrably funny ones
  • Shitty/non-shitty takes on media content esp music, series, comedy acts
  • Worldly musings, preferably written while taking a dump
  • STEM (mostly Math) stuff that fascinate me
  • Sharing the trauma of being on Reddit and having seen about 20-30 videos of people literally dying and more (and counting!)
  • jk about that last one. Hehe.
  • Work/antiwork stuff
  • Long lists
  • Listless longing
  • Seriously why are you still reading
  • Thanks you though
  • Happy you’re on
  • I also think about death a lot
  • Seriously thank you
  • You are loved
  • Kbye ty




Likely Loquacious Maladroit

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Likely Loquacious Maladroit

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