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DecisionWise was formally founded in 1996, yet our consulting and assessment roots extend well beyond that date. Back in 1992, our founding partners began pioneering innovative applications of survey feedback to bring about personal and organizational change. These innovations serve as the basis for our ability to turn feedback into results today.

Today, DecisionWise is globally recognized for our ability to turn feedback and measurement into performance results. DecisionWise is currently headquartered in Springville, Utah, with consultants and clients across the world. We provide talent management solutions to organizations in over 70 countries and conduct assessments in over 30 languages. Our Leadership Intelligence process continues to help organizations and leaders at all levels and in a variety of industries.

360 feedback is a development process that provides a safe environment for a person to receive candid feedback from peers, supervisors, subordinates, and other individuals with relationships key to his or her success.

What is the History of 360-degree Feedback?

Perhaps surprisingly, 360 feedback has been in use since 1940, and has evolved to become a very effective management tool in employee development. 360 feedback grew out of the use of a training method called “T-groups” or training groups where participants met with their peers who were encouraged to share feedback in an open session facilitated by a trained moderator.

360-degree feedback was a difficult process to administer for early adopters because of the time and effort needed to collect paper forms, collate the data, and produce a summary report. These obstacles were overcome with advances in technology that now allow the entire process to be conducted online increasing confidentiality and greatly speeding up the process. Today, about one third of all companies and 90 percent of of Fortune 500 companies use some type of 360 degree feedback process.

How Does the Process Work?

The term “360” refers to the degrees of a circle, with an individual figuratively in the center of the circle. Feedback about a person’s behaviors and performance is provided by subordinates, peers, and supervisors. 360-degree feedback also includes a self-assessment and, in some cases, feedback from external sources, such as customers and suppliers or other interested stakeholders. Most participants will receive feedback from a total of eight to 15 people. Raters should only be those that have a close working relationship with the participant.

What is a 360 Feedback Survey?

The survey normally includes between 40–80 questions that measure a series of competencies and behaviors most important to an organization or to an individual’s success. Competencies may include: Communication, Teamwork, Results Orientation, Planning and Organization, etc. Raters are asked to rate the participant on each statement (behavior descriptors) using a Likert scale (5-point or 7-point scales). 360 feedback surveys typically include a few open-ended questions to collect qualitative feedback. The surveys take between 8–15 minutes to complete depending on length.

Leaders need this kind of feedback

DecisionWise Leadership Intelligence 360 Surveys measure 12 leadership competencies and 13 derailer behaviors to provide individuals a robust view of their performance in the eyes of others.

Which version fits best?

We have a variety of 360 survey versions that have been tested and validated to collect relevant and actionable feedback for:

Executive Leaders

Business Leaders

Team Leaders

Individual Contributors

Sales Professionals

Healthcare Leaders


Measure the most important leadership competencies

Business Acumen Decision Making Planning & Organization Team work & Collaboration Customer Focus Innovation & Creativity Results Orientation Leading Others Integrity & Trust Managing Change Communication Performance Management.

Customized 360 Degree Feedback Surveys

You work with an assessment consultant to customize a 360 degree feedback survey to align with your existing leadership competencies. Our questions have been statistically validated and provide reliable and actionable feedback for assessing leadership competency and behavior. We can also load an existing survey and run the entire process for you.

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