November 28, 2014

Black Friday. One of the craziest days of the year. While everyone was out shopping for Christmas gifts, I was working at June’s. As people continued to filter in and out, I tried my best to help them find the perfect Christmas gift. That has proved to be one of my favorite things to do. Seeing how excited some people get to find gifts for their loved ones just melts my heart. On this particular day, there were a lot of people like that. My favorite encounter was a family that walked in about halfway through the day.

A couple walked in with their young son and daughter to look for Christmas presents. Once they got what they needed, the mother and daughter headed out the door. However, the father remained in the store with his son to get a present for his significant other. They immediately went over to the Alex and Ani display and began looking at jewelry. The father was so excited. He wanted to pick out the perfect present and his son looked the exact same way. He was so polite too. He asked me if we carried a love necklace, which we did, and couldn’t say thank you enough when I got it out for him. He was even more enthusiastic when I told him there were matching earings to go with it. He kept commenting on how beautiful they were and continued to ask his 4 year old son what he thought of the jewelry. Once they decided on the jewelry they wanted to get, I led them to the register to cash them out. They were both so excited and continued to thank me for helping them as they left the store.Meeting people like that makes me so happy. Seeing someone trying so hard for the people they love and wanting the very best for them is one of my favorite things.

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