Now What?

You just moved to a new city.

You just broke up with your longtime partner.

You just upgraded your iPhone.

You just watched another TED Talk.

You just got another tattoo.

You just quit your job.

You just adopted a dog.

You just enrolled in an online college course.

You just binged watched Orange is the New Black.

You just checked Facebook.

You just meditated.

You just got home from the bar.

You just watched a TED Talk, again.

You just started a paleo diet.

You just signed up for Planet Fitness.

You just hit the snooze button.

You just read another BuzzFeed listicle.

You just downloaded another Kindle book (that’ll probably go unread).

You just realized your time on Earth is limited.

You just ignored that last thought.

You just Googled “what should I do with my life?”

You just updated your resume.

You just sat there alone, hopeless, and afraid.

You just ate a Snickers.

You just finished reading this depressing list of activities.

Now what?

Your life is so much more than a series of distractions. You have a purpose, nay, an obligation to be the person you were put on this earth to be.

Find out who she’s meant to be.

Don’t JUST do things. DO things.

If you feel stuck in an endless loop of just doing things, check out my book The Millennial Way: Step Up, Step Out, Step Forward on Kindle. It might be of some assistance.

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