An Epidemic of Occupational Despair
Beth Phillips

Thank you for sharing this Beth

I often wonder the same thing, why older generations are delusive about their occupational despair and pretend everything is swell. In my 5+ years of professional working experience, I’ve deduced this despair is rampant and in need of a fix.

Exactly what said fix is, I’m not sure. But I think younger generations are on to something. If we are unhappy about our situation, we do something about it. We don’t wallow in our misery, instead we step up and go after a life we want.

Sometimes our situations are difficult to overcome, but we try anyway.

Does it make us seem like naive, selfish, and overly optimistic? Sure. But I’d rather be those things than 62 sitting in a cubicle, hating my life.

Thank you Beth for your honesty, I enjoyed this read.

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