The Glass Box

The darkness is hugging your soul

You hear the whispers from your past

Slowly dominating your mind

The struggle is a well-travelled destination

You speak the language fluently

And the glass box that you’re stuck in

Makes you forget your mother-tongue

Your real values, morals and dreams

It’s hard to breathe in there

All you hear is this loud alarm

You want to get out

You don’t know how

You see the people who love you outside

Wanting you to come out

Encouraging you to flourish

But the glass box is hard to break

Sometimes you feel like you cracked it

You can smell the fresh air for a minute

Then the whispering tells you to mend those cracks

You feel out of control

Don’t want to do it

But you do it anyway

And you’re back stuck in the glass box again

Waving to the world