5 Types of Chandelier that can style any room with perfection

Sonalika Aggarwal
Jun 7, 2017 · 3 min read

Summary: It’s well known that any room can be decorated with absolute grace in the presence of a stunning chandelier. But choosing among the many chandelier options available can be quite confusing. To help you in choosing modern chandeliers in India, we have shortlisted 5 of the best types of chandeliers.

One of the finest ways to style your dining room, kitchen or foyer is by decorating it with an elegant chandelier. Before you buy chandelier online in India, it’s essential that you know the basic differences between each type of chandelier. To bring more clarity about all the kinds of fancy chandeliers read through this blog and see which one will suit your place best. Have a look at our list:

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Brass and Crystal Chandeliers

1. Shinny Crystal Chandeliers

Crystal chandeliers can infuse a lot of drama and glamour to any room placed in an effortless manner. This particular style of hanging ceiling fixture is apt for the centerpiece of any dining room or entryway. You can find these in lustrous gold shades as well as antique gold ones.

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Shinny Crystal Chandeliers

2. Casual Glass Chandeliers

If you want a simplistic yet trendy touch to any of your rooms, then choose a contemporary looking glass chandelier. These kinds of chandeliers seamlessly induce peppiness to the place. These charming accents give perfect freedom to be placed creatively. You can browse for these glass chandelier lights online in India very easily.

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Casual Glass Chandeliers

3. Candle Style Chandeliers

These chandeliers are perfect for someone who wants a rustic hanging candelabrum that appears to be casting real candle light. They come in an incredible array of shapes and sizes. Many of these chandeliers come with unique features like flickering of bulbs to imitate the effect of candlelight. These classic hanging lights are bound to infuse eclectic charm to your foyer or dining room.

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Candle Style Chandeliers

4. Chandeliers with Shades

These chandeliers perfectly create soft, medium or hard lighting depending on the thickness of the covering. An incredible range of patterned as well as plain hued shaded drum pendants can be found. These chandeliers come in a variety of shapes and sizes and they range in style from classic to modern. A simplistic way to style these chandeliers is by matching the colour of the shades with the colour of the room’s curtains for an overall cohesive look.

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5. Pendant Chandeliers

Pendant chandeliers can induce an incredible contemporary touch to any room in an instant. The irregular styled ones look even more exquisite when placed in entryway or kitchen.

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Pendant Chandeliers

No matter which chandelier you choose, it’s sure that it will induce a breathtaking vibe in the area. You can find these chandeliers in materials like brass, steel, and wood. Many chandeliers can even be found in a combination of materials. So, pick the one which matches your home’s decor and your personal taste.

Now that you know about the classiest types of chandeliers which are famous across the world. It’s time for you pick your favourites and browse online for modern as well as antique chandeliers in India. The best online store for these is Fos Lighting. They have an amazing collection of classy designs of chandeliers.

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