Christopher Cantwell

Christopher Cantwell is a self described “ Anarchist, Atheist, Asshole” but his life pretty much stops and starts at the asshole. Here are some of his highest moments.

Chris bitch slapping somebody that touched him

In between drugging himself out he finds other like minded women to date until he doxs them on his website like a TRUE MAN.

Total badass
Couldn’t even get 3500 signatures
He’s totally not racist
Advocating for violence against journalists is not bad!
Got kicked out of FSP (Free state project)

Chris is such a cool guy he owns domains like “”, “”, and his cool business “”

Okay maybe politics isn’t his thing, wonder how it does roasting Adam Kokesh in a rap….
He’s mentally sane I swear!
Maybe he’s better at comedy?
At the end of the day he’s clearly got it all together
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