We’ve been together since i was 3 years old.

We’ve experience all seasons of the year together.

We’ve received new friends together.

We’ve made histories together.

I remember the efforts you made to get rid of my ignorance.You were my best friend when i was 3 to 5 years old. You taught me new songs like “Twinkle twinkle, stomach pains, and picka boo( i see you)”.

You taught me games like” simba ni mkali and kombolela”

When i was turning 6, dear school our love blossomed. We planned to meet in somewhere else in another region. You showed me Mikumi National park, Kitonga valley and Uruguru mountains.

Love, in 2005 you betrayed me. You was selfish. You wanted to measure my ignorance through pen and paper. You never gave me a chance to reason, only explain in long paragraphs, but because of my love to you, our friendship continued to persist.

In 2007 you was so crude to me. I remember all the strong and heavy canes you gave me, i do;

In 2009, you gave me alot of pressure, you was no longer my friend. I was scared of your intimidating words”NECTA,MOCK”. You wanted to make fan of me, so everybody could see me for a loser i was, but our love survived.

I remember our first celebration. You decided to call it GRADUATION.

I was very happy on that day especially when you decided i wear a preaching gown. It was so amusing.

Dear school, I remember the first day i met you at TUSIIME SECONDARY SCHOOL. You were thinner than before, you were EGM (ELIGIBLE,GENTLY and MESMERIZING).

I do remember your few wise words like “Eat food drink Education, Lazima usome mwanangu haha! Who knew you could speak in tongues.

Your love wasn’t so obvious. Your love was seasonal. Sometimes you spoke with alot of numbers and concepts but other times with alot of drawings and painted pictures, I couldn’t understand what you ment.

Two years passed,things changed, friends changed, but our friendship remained constant and this is because of SACRIFICE we made.

Dear school, I just met this friend, her name is UNIVERSITY. We are so much in common. She loves music just like me. She even has a Asus laptop just like mine.

She’s more practical than you.

I know you love me but i just can’t handle the silent treatment you’ve been giving me lately. Whenever i ask for a possibility our love to survive, you usually say “NOT POSSIBLE”.

I guess I’m just trying to live by shake of spears “ if you love it set it free” cliché.

I know you’re angry but let it go, out of site out of mind. It’s another way of saying I LOVE YOU less than university and know I won’t let you hold me back.

“The first stages of grief are anger and denial, I don’t want you grieving, i wanna leave you knowing i care and still love you, so I’ll get you a gift thanking you for all the years we spent. You once told me you love numbers especially 1. I think my gift shall base on that.❤️

Sincerely, Elly John.


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