Losing My Privilege
Hope Arnold

First of all, I don’t see what your article has anything to do with Teespring…..

I am an Independent voter, I watch (and record for later reference) all of the debates and then make my decision. So far, Mr Trump has the knowledge as to what this country needs, he also has the balls to state so. If you watch some of his earlier debates you will notice that once he mentioned “keeping all Muslims” out of this country until they are vetted properly and have the proper “paper” I.D., only then did any of the other candidates speak of such a practice. Where were you when the Twin Towers came tumbling down? Did you lose anybody that you knew? Did you lose anybody close to you? I DID! The same goes for the Mexican border. Mr. Trump is a world traveler. He has Business’s all over the world. He knows many people and not just Business people, but Dignitaries as well. You can’t say the same for the rest of the Republican Candidates. As far as Hillary Clinton goes, a National Poll shows that only 5% of the American Population find her “Truthful & Trustworthy.” Do you think she is speaking the truth now? Do you think all of the promises she is making she will follow up on? She was Sec. of State for 12 years, why didn’t she fix some of those so called promises then? You and your husband both own your own Business. Bernie Sanders wants to raise biz tax on biz’s up to 90%!! I don’t know how much money you and your husband make together annually but…..can you afford to live off of 10–50% of your net income? Lastly but by far not least, my husband is now retired but put in 30 years of Service to our local Police Dept. If I were traveling down a high-way at night and noticed I was being pulled over by the police, there is no way in hell that I would pull over until I got to somewhere safe. In our own state, Prosecutors just put a man away for 263 years for 18 different counts of a sexual act upon black women. Black women because that is the zone in which he was assigned to. Yes, he was a Police Officer. His own father worked next to my husband for 20 years. I am so very Proud that these women found the guts to step forward! Bad policing is already here! Please vote responsively.