Heaviness filled my heart as each day goes by
The thought of you gives me an electric charge
I wish for it to be divine but yet it hurts like hell
Then I keep wondering wasn’t it suppose to be magical
As we do watch it in the movies?
But the only chemistry I could feel is as a result of unbalanced equation.

I never wanted a thought of you that I want to push away
I want a thought I could allow to linger on
Something I can sleep with and feel peace within me
You came around and gave my heart an ache it couldn’t bear
It got bad and disfunctioned that all it could hold are the memories I once thrashed.
Repair is the last thing I wished for right now
Modification is all I hoped for

It doesn’t matter anymore?
You came and left a path that will be remembered
I still got you in the same heart you created
That’s the place you’ve got to be as I try to still believe
The search continues and yet I still won’t be able to experience
What I wished for
At least not anytime soon……

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