I Wish I Write Better

All I can see I wish I can write about, just like the scene in a movie production so is my mind playing the scenes. I feel like writing about the birds in the air, how different is the sand of the camp, how hot the air blows, how cold the night is and how silent everywhere becomes after light out. I feel like writing about the halt on the hour after hearing the sound of the trumpet to put the nation to sleep. I feel like writing about the various commands on the parade ground, and also to write about Man O’ War drills and the funny songs being composed by the soldiers. I feel like writing about life in mammy camp, the relationship in the male hostels; the jokes, the argument, the fights and the love among us.

I feel like writing about various stories about relationships on camp; heartbreaks, betrayal, lust, temptation and what other.
Writing about how we so much trust on the service of the medical team who are just youths like us, injecting us and prescribing drugs and yet we are still safe in their hands, I feel like writing about every department on camp from the admin down to the information stand and down to the kitchen. Not forgetting about the life of the Hausa guys washing our clothes and running petty errands for us.
I feel like writing about my platoon and how we work and play, writing about our success stories and also our defeats, how we started and got to know each other like family, the hugs and handshakes, the winks and the sights.

I feel like writing about you, how bad you felt when you were called names, your funny but interesting personality, feel like writing about how deep or strange your temperament is. Writing about your profession and now seeing you in the red cross uniform. I feel like writing about the details of your hair, the tone of your skin and the the way you make your steps and how gentle your voice is but how I wish I know how stubborn you can be which will make my writings more detailed and interesting. I feel like breaking the walls around you taking each steps carefully as I find my way across every room straight to the closet where deep secrets lies, sieve through each files and carefully go through them all.
My mind got distracted and slowly the feelings fades away as I await it, it never came back……… Slowly I dropped the pen as my heart stops.

The feeling of writing about you is still what I wish lingers on for long.

Tales from NYSC Orientation Camp, Dakingari, Kebbi State.

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