Action against modern slavery

Modern Day Slavery

It’s not all about the conventional chained hands and legs, exchange for debts and hard labor which includes human trafficking, child trafficking, and the normal idea we have about slavery. From the area I come from most of the children here are suffering from cultural slavery, they have been a victim of culture, and slaves to tradition and ethical values. These young leaders have been chained by the ways of life and their mentality has been tormented by the values which is being sung into their ears. Voices and societal activities telling them that education is not meant for the #girlchild rather they should be prepared and nurtured for marriage and since we live in the part of the world where #childmarriage exist, then what options do we have rather than to allow culture take its toll on these future leaders.

Oh what a wicked generation, educated yet an illiterate when it comes to securing and valuing the future and hope for the young ones. Killing every goals, dreams and aspiration of these young ones all in the name of promoting tradition, encouraging #childmarriage while stabbing the beautiful dreams of these young girls. Have we for once heard them speak about their future? Have you sat down to listen to their creative minds as they tell the stories of their lives, community and society? Everyday we put them in a state of #mentalslavery what is more worse than a soul bottled inside itself, taking every energy to keep the pain within, breaking every inner muscle called strength. Let them tell you that the mouth is not for crying neither is the eyes for shedding tears, let them show you their inner mind and see how they weep as their future have been enslaved to the hands of wicked society.

We cannot afford to keep allowing ancient tradition which poses great danger to the lives of our female gender keep existing. Now is the time to take action as we all fight for equal rights. The girl child deserves quality education, she deserves to enjoy her teenage life without any pressure of early marriage, she has the right to dream for an ambition and see her dream become a reality.

Say No To Mental Slavery!

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