Be Kind

We were taught as kids to be kind to one another. If you attended church, the children’s church leader would repeat over and over again: “love your neighbor as yourself”. Love your neighbor as you love yourself. Sadly, we imbibed the part that asked us to be kind to others and forgot ourselves. If you are to love your neighbor in a pure sincere way, first you must love yourself.

Self-care is not a call to be self absorbed or ridiculously vain or selfish. It’s a call to be compassionate to yourself. A call to compliment yourself. To critique yourself with compassion. To look at yourself with the kindness that you’d show an outsider. To forgive yourself. To understand yourself. To listen to yourself.

Be kind. You need kindness too. Those terrible thoughts about yourself need to be replaced. You are human. You are flawed. You deserve kindness. You deserve kindness from yourself. Love yourself as you love your neighbor?

Be kind. Be kind to yourself as well.