For girls like me

Girls who feel they failed their mothers, sisters, aunts, and stranger women before them by not speaking up against abuse.

Girls carrying a hurt for a crime they know nothing about. Bearing the burden of society’s crime. Bearing the burden of a patriarchal society’s crime.

For girls like me, who now rave and rage because silence feels like needles poking at your skin. Pinching. Stinging.

Girls like me, attacking. Fighting. Crying. Screaming. To be heard. Because silence will kill us. Silence will damage us. We know the limits of our strengths but we surge on.

Because this crime won’t solve itself. This society won’t change itself. At least not without a catalyst.

For girls like me, tired. Frustrated. Sad. Solemn. Hurt. By a society that continues to push us under.

And girls like me, we won’t stop. Because we know everyday that one more voice joins the shout, our screams are louder. Our power is mightier. And maybe, society’s crimes will be lesser.