Oh, Poor Kendall.

*Cue Rihanna’s We Found Love* Kendall Jenner found love in a hopeless place and it made her “woke”.

I promised myself I wouldn’t do more than retweet or share the words of wonderfully articulate people who had broken the Pepsi ad down into every ridiculous tidbit that it was. But I broke this rule, for the first time, when I tweeted that if I had to read one more article painting Kendall as the victim I’d scream. Broke it a second time when I said I needed to write an article titled “Fuck Kendall and fuck you too”. However, the more I tried to ignore this PR disaster, the more certain parts of America filled the internet and my online garbage can with “poor Kendall” articles.

*cue Cry Me A River by Justin Timberlake*

Rich white woman model is forced to accept money to portray a Young model who decides that a wink from a cute guy is all she needs to make a total life transformation — take off your blonde wig (yikes, you can’t be blonde and woke), toss it into the hands of minority bystanders, wipe your lipstick, walk off the photoshoot set and walk straight into the front lines of a protest. Obviously, grabbing a can of Pepsi and winking back at cute guy who lured you into the protest with his charming looks on your way to stop police brutality.

I do not need to explain to anyone who’s ever been at a protest or seen one that protests, particularly in 2016, look nothing like this catastrophic incident put together by Pepsi.

Writers from Jezebel and Man Repeller amongst others have rushed to explain that we can blame misogyny and childhood for this mishap and we should understand that Kendall’s devastated. If only society wasn’t patriarchal and Kendall wasn’t a 21 year old child, this would never have happened. America doesn’t run out of excuses to explain away the crimes of white Americans particularly rich, white Americans.

Well, fuck Kendall. Other than a statement from Pepsi apologizing for this mishap, there has been no word from anyone in the Kardashian-Jenner land about this insult of a protest. And frankly, I am unable to feel pity for someone who cannot show remorse in its most basic form with the words “I’m sorry”.