Things I started again…

  • Reading — Books have always been an escape. A wonderful escape. Crazy as it sounds, it’s however possible to forget what it’s like to read for pleasure.
  • Loving my body — went through a phase where I hated to see my body unclothed. In dressing rooms, I’d frequently dream the mirrors would transform into a pathway to a different realm so I could escape the sight of me. But now I look at my body with love. A love that’s kind, uplifting and forgiving.
  • Fasting — My spirituality is super important to me. However, for a while I forgot what it was like to leave my head and transcend into a higher place. To stay off food and meditate for better things. The day I was able to do this for the first time in a long while was glorious.
  • Believing — “Hello? Is that the resident cynic? Do I have Ade on the phone? Does she have some pessimistic thoughts?” Yup she was there. There’s nothing wrong in being hopeful or wishful.
  • Dancing — Ahhh another form of release. Lately, I’ve kept up a routine of dancing at least once a week for 2/3 hours and so far so good, it’s swell.

I’m getting into a place where I am finally learning how to take care of all aspects of my health, mental especially, and I wanted to share. Care for your mind as you do your body: and if you don’t care for your body at all? *screaming Tara voice* I WAS ROOTING FOR YOU. Yes you look good in that cape, functioning at a high efficiency and managing (?) stress. But take some time off if you have to. Take a break for a few minutes/hours in the day and let your mind catch up.

Photo courtesy: Google Images