This white Jesus has got to go.

Colonial Jesus has got to go.

He flips his brunette hair and looks at you with his Hollywood blue eyes as you cast and bind in his name wondering why you think he — supernatural Jason Momoa that he is — will save you from misfortunes.

Is he the Jesus that says look “attack this homosexual who is supposedly even as you are rife with sin?”

Is he the Jesus that says “save this fetus but hate and discriminate them when they are born people of color?”

He wonders when you will latch on that he is Middle Eastern. Oops.

“Did someone say Middle Eastern? Someone from the Middle East? wash away my sins and make me new?” “How can I trust a god with beautiful brown skin?” “Can a savior be anything but white?”

White Jesus, with his crown from Urban Outfitters, snickers as you puzzle. He stifles a giggle. He bursts into laughter. Oh what a prank he has pulled.