🇱🇾BHM Air Force 1 High: A Missed Story By Nike

In the Obsessive Sneaker Disorder (OSDlive) Facebook group, Will, posted a link for the Black History Month Air Force 1 High sneakers that will be available in February.

Well, I looked at the sneakers for a few minutes, I started to see some glaring ‘holes’ in the story aka #Kickstory that Nike missed when they created them.

Here’s what I wrote & shared about the sneakers on Facebook:

Call me overly critical and I am, but as soon as I saw these AF1s I said that Nike missed an opportunity to tell a powerful story. I love the colors on the upper, but what would have made these sneakers even better is if the midsole was black and the outsole was black or a gum bottom. The black midsole to represent Blacks brought to America as slaves and the gum bottom to represent the Native Americans that already lived in this land and whose land was stolen and thousands murdered. Now I know, the Nike factories have millions of the AF1 soles laying around, but this would have told a better and more compelling story.