If you’re in Central Massachusetts then you’re going to want to attend “Behind The Hype” on Friday, March 15th beginning at 6 PM at the @WorcesterPopUp_

Want to learn how you go about getting an internship or job in the fashion industry or maybe you’ve dreamed of designing sneakers, cars and various accessories?

Well, #BehindTheHype will give you the cheat codes from industry heavyweights Donica @_Neek , Sabrina @Saybz, Clyde @SneakerboxClyde , Drew @Drew_Bar , David @David.Filar and Xavier @XavierJones_XCI

Mad ❤️ to Nelson @NA1_9 for organizing such a dope event! 🙌🏾

Also, a MAJOR shout out to the Worcester PopUp and the great people of the @WorcesterCulturalCoalition and the Barr Foundation for providing the beautiful venue!🙏🏾

About the Worcester PopUp

The Worcester PopUp is a program of the Worcester Cultural Coalition. This event is not sponsored by, nor does it reflect the views of the Worcester Cultural Coalition.

The Worcester PopUp is supported in part by contributions from the Barr Foundation and additional funders.