I Was A Snapchat Serial Killer & Now I’m Trying Really Hard To Be Friends

I have recently made a conscious effort to engage more in Snapchat. I have been a Snapchat serial killer — I download it, I delete it countless times. But this time Snapchat, I promise you, my install is serious. And I’m aiming to send photos of my mundane life to friends as much as possible, I swear.

Problem is, exactly that. My life is mundane. And I truly believe if I aim to post at least one snapchat photo a day, I’ll run out of something new to post by the end of the week.

Here’s a photo of me typing at my laptop, here’s a photo of my coffee, dinner I made and another one of my face. That’s it — you know the most intimate and exciting moments of my life.

The Reason I Was Uninstalling It Wasn’t Just That Though…

I call myself a digital marketer — I’m supposed to get really excited about new social media platforms and know it so deeply, I can manipulate people to follow me or send some love my way.

So it’s with much embarrassment that I admit I find Snapchat oh-so user unfriendly. I get confused.

I am one of those people that pick their phone up, read their notification and put it back down, with the very serious intention of replying in 10 minutes (right after I finish watching this Panda on Facebook).

But with Snapchat, I feel like it punishes me each time. Like, why are you deleting my conversation thread? Where did that photo go? I can’t remember how we got here!

And then I’d get frustrated and kill the App all over again.

A New Start For Snapchat And I

I went out with some girlfriends the other weekend and they showed me the light — as well as Snapchats they had sent me over 3 months ago.

After a while I was starting to see the enjoyment in participating in this social community and I realized that I wanted to see what they were up to.

The way they just swiped left and right on the App so flawlessly provoked me to vow I will be Snap happy from now on.

I also believe that Snapchat is only going up as the years go on, after all, the average lifespan of a social media platform is 11 years and Snapchat is only 4 years old. So, even with friendships aside, it is imperative that I partake.

Working Through My Snapchat Phobia

So now that a new wave of inspiration has hit me, time to get snappy (sorry, pun was SO intended) and socialize through the medium of this platform.

But wait — will anyone really care to know I am drinking coffee or that I am taking my dog for a walk? Probably not. *Deletes photo and closes App*

In some sense, maybe this new incentive of mine to ‘chat more will encourage me to do more interesting things — just so I can tell everyone on Snapchat about it. Lord knows I will need to if I am to get any level of engagement.

Defining My Snapchat Personality

I think the biggest issue of my posting phobia is that I have yet to define who I am on Snapchat — am I the girl who posts silly photos of herself, or the woman reading her book before bed, or the person who snaps something remotely funny and writes a witty pun caption to go with it?

The question is: when is a Snapchat worth snapping at all?

My Snapchat Story From Now On

Either way, once I grasp the foundations of myself on the App, I am sure it’ll be no different to riding a bike. I’ll be hopping on and off it with ease and sticking to it too — not throwing it in the virtual bin anymore.

How Do You Use Snapchat?

Leave a reply and let me know how you use the App and if you have any pointers, I’m all ears!

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