When a glass is filled halfway with water. Would you say, the glass is half full or half empty? Do you have a perfect answer for this?

The perfect taste of a certain food can differ from person to person. For some people if that food is spicy then “it’s perfect” and for some, if it has some sweetness then “it’s perfect”. So does a perfect taste exist? Or is it only a perception?

Perfection is only a set of standards made by humans or a community which they perceive to be perfect. Now a days, people take too much stress to achieve this Perfection which is set by someone else. But they forget that these set of standards will constantly change as time and people pass. For example, a doctor could have a perfect procedure to do an operation but when technology changes, the procedure changes. Then how can you say it is a perfect procedure?

In order to have a Positive life, people should not focus on being perfect by gauging themselves to a set of standards, instead they have to choose a Perfect path which improves them daily in the 5 five major aspects of life. i.e. Relationship, Health, Finance, Education & Spirituality.

Today, if you have some improvement from yesterday then your are living YOUR Perfect Life and don’t worry some much on Perfection because it’s only a Perception of someone else.

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Deek Parassini