#SouthSudan changing need: Distribution of state powers; central and state’s government.

Republic of South Sudan in relations to it's past history under went a dynamic process to achieve its independence. It's not therefore an exception with in itself. What is truly important is the dire need for political reforms in all aspects of governance, ensuring that all state's are semi autonomous and exercising powers in line with the constitutional laws of the country.

Reformation of both political and social institutional structures through fundamental democratic means is the foundation of a strong nation. Observing rule of law, ensuring transparency and accountability while encouraging citizens participation in a positive cause. Violence, tribalism, and all their forms of consciousness are not true means of ensuring that power is served well and can give back. Power need to be a legislative process or regulatory requirement for systematic, smooth running of the state; also to ensures political and social maturity .

All in all, sustainable peace is a product of a well established power structure, supported by the constitutional laws and efficient arms of government.