Photo credit: SamHealer

Today I stopped to appreciate those little emergency exit signs. You know the ones that say, “Caution. If opened, ALARM WILL SOUND.”

I appreciate them because I wish they were offered for other things like people and jobs and relationships. Just a little disclaimer before any risky decision making. Caution, if opened, ALARM WILL SOUND.

Not saying that it would hinder me from opening the door or taking the risk or hanging out with the person, but it would definitely help to be aware that there is something alarming on the other side.

The more I think about it the more I realize that they are a little weird aren’t they? These alarmed doors. In case of an actual emergency, I’m sure the disclaimer that “ALARM WILL SOUND” probably reads dead obvious. Of course alarm will sound. In fact, dammit alarm better sound. In those cases, it’s not a disclaimer but a reassurance. “Don’t worry, dear. Alarm will sound.”

In the other case, if you’re being a deviant or are just curious as to what’s behind said door, then the disclaimer is actually a warning. “Beware. Alarm will sound.”

I wonder which one will apply for people or relationships or career decisions? Or perhaps it’s better that the disclaimer is reserved for yourself from yourself. “Caution. If opened, ALARM WILL SOUND.” Perhaps the biggest risk is getting to know yourself, truly and completely.