Welcome to Join DeepBrain Chain Global Ambassadors Program and Get the Rich Rewards!

Dear DeepBrain Chain Volunteers,

We Have Some Very Exciting News. Be prepared!

DeepBrain Chain is upgrading the recruitment plan with which you are already familiar, into a new, more specialized, better detailed and further mutually beneficial Global Ambassador program. Every individual has the potential to qualify as a “DeepBrain Chain Global Ambassador”. This is a platform where community volunteers can truly display their creativity and productivity, paving the way for AI practitioners and investors to gain knowledge of and join the DeepBrain Chain ecosystem.

If you are interested in this program, please fill in the form(click here to apply). We look forward to further collaboration with our esteemed community!

To become a Global Ambassador you have to:

Apply → Pass 1st round of application → Become a Global Ambassador → Sell at least one AI Cloud Computing Package to an AI practitioner or the equivalent value in DBC/DPT to an investor → Become an active Global Ambassador

We will reward outstanding Global Ambassadors with:

Global Ambassador Competition:

During the Global Ambassador program, we will frequently announce how many people have passed the Global Ambassador review. When we have 1,000 Global Ambassadors, we will launch the 1st round of the Global Ambassador Competition. You can see how well you are doing in the competition by looking up the ranking! There is also a trading competition on DeepToken Exchange in this month. Please be prepared!

Join the Global Ambassador Competition to win:

+ A trip to Shanghai or Silicon Valley to visit the DeepBrain Chain Office and/or attend the International Blockchain Expo;

+ A place to purchase DeepBrain Chain official mining machine;

+ A better chance to become DeepBrain Chain node;

+ Earn advantages in future Master Nodes election;

+ And much more! Please stay tuned!

For additional information on Global Ambassador Program and Global Ambassador Competition, please click on this link: Guide for DBC Global Ambassadors

How to Apply:

Apply with your application form(click here to apply) or replying to this email. We will review your application and inform you of the result.

After the Application is Successful:

Please make sure you check for your unique referral link on our official website. Only buyers who bought through your unique referral link will be recorded under your name. This record will be used to track your growth, give out rewards and as a reference for future campaigns such as the Global Ambassador Competition.

Note: Due to current restrictions, AI Cloud Computing Package can only use ETH as calculation unit, so the smallest Cloud Computing Package is 1 ETH’s equivalent of DBC/DPT. The Cloud Computing Package must be purchased through DeepBrain Chain’s official website. We can provide invoices for companies.

If you are interested in this program, do not hesitate to join us with simply click here!

Warmest regards,

DeepBrain Chain Foundation

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