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May 18, 2018 · 11 min read


1. What are DeepBrain Chain AIMs?

DeepBrain Chain AI Mining (AIM) Machines are fully functional AI servers, as well as unique AI cryptocurrency mining platforms. They are optimized for both AI computing and DBC mining. While the participation in the DBC network enables them to mine as a reward, the DBC token economy also enables the novel business model which reduces the overall cost structure of all parties involved as they leverage available computing or storage resources over the distributed network.

This product solves two issues:

• Mainstream cryptocurrencies that use PoW consensus mechanism consume massive energy to mine while producing no additional value beyond the mining. DeepBrain Chain’s AIM machines target the untapped computing resources to reduce the cost of increasing demand of AI deep learning & machine learning needs, meanwhile both incorporating and addressing those resources for deep learning workloads.

• With blockchain technology, a miner receives incentive via token rewards for participation in the community. In addition, they benefit from allocating their AI computing resource for partners to train AI models.

Miners will be responsible for the operation and maintenance of these machines. They will mine in exchange for rewards in the form of DBC. Partners with AI needs can also offer their idle AI machines to mine and receive DBC rewards, or buy computing power on DeepBrain Chain’s platform at a significantly discounted rate. Ultimately, we envision that lower AI computing power and overall development costs will enable customers to deliver AI applications and products much cheaper and faster.

2. How does DeepBrain Chain mining work?

DeepBrain Chain has allocated 5 billion DBCs in total for mining reward, according to the DBC whitepaper. In the first 5 years, we will release 500 million DBC tokens yearly (then the amount will be cut in half every five years). These tokens will be distributed to three categories, namely 350 million DBC tokens for computing power rewards, 100 million for storage rewards, and 50 million for consensus nodes rewards.

DeepBrain Chain integrates blockchain technology in conjunction with parallel computing resources seeded globally. Based on AI computing demand, DeepBrain Chain will offer customized, distributed, and dynamic computing services. Upon completing the deep learning or machine learning training requests by petitioners, miners will profit from DBC (DeepBrain Chain token) as a reward. Meanwhile, blockchain computing mining will operate in the backgrounds with low overhead.

The pre-sale of DeepBrain Chain’s AI miners is the first strategic milestone in the journey of building a revolutionary AI global platform and ecosystem based on blockchain. This gateway engenders a solid foundation for DBC’s future distributed data marketplace, AI model marketplace and AI application marketplace that will be released in coordinated cadence following the MainNet go-live in Q4. Eventually, DBC will realize the goal of partnering enterprises with AI requirements or any company with AI needs to efficiently and securely share computing power, data, and models. In turn, we will induce cost reduction in the marketplace and enable faster time-to-market for distributed AI applications.

For the DeepBrain Chain ecosystem, we gather AI computing resources throughout the blockchain network to engender reduced computing cost. As the amount of participating nodes increases, the value of the DeepBrain Chain ecosystem will grow even more, which benefits all participants. With the DBC system, aspiring AI enterprises will build intimate interaction and leverage with the entire DBC community on DeepBrain Chain’s platform. We expect the entire array of members to profit from offering their services on the platform.

3. How does the mining mechanism work?

5 billion DBC will be mined in total on the DeepBrain Chain ecosystem. Every 5 years the DBC available for mining with be reduced in half. In the first 5 years, 500 million DBC will be mined each year. They are divided as follow:

(a) Consensus mining (50 million coins a year in the first 5 years)

DBC’s foundation architecture uses an innovative AI-POC (AI based Proof of Contribution) consensus approach with around 20 consensus nodes. Elected nodes can receive consensus mining rewards. Some nodes will be elected similar to EOC super nodes, while others will be selected in real-time through AI neural network algorithm in computing nodes. The neural network is in complete control of which nodes are chosen; no human force can affect the result. Nodes that produce new blocks will also change periodically. AI-POC which leads to better security, as well as the fair balancing of contribution of DBC staking (money), resources (i.e. computer power) and activity (labor). (DeepBrain Chain will carry out consensus nodes election later in 2018)

(b) Compute power mining (350 million coins a year in the first 5 years)

This part of profit comes from providing computing power. Companies or research centers with AI needs will pay DBC to obtain computing power (especially GPUs) within the DeepBrain Chain network.

AI companies paying mechanism: DBC paid will be associated with training speed, which will be decided by an advanced AI algorithm that considers various factors of the AIM machine in use, such as GPU type, speed TFLOPs, storage space used, memory space used and traffic consumed per unit of time etc.

Profit distribution is based on the ratio between the GPUs of a node and the GPUs in the entire network. Also, after completing the payable AI computing mission submitted by paying users, nodes can earn extra rewards by mining.

DBC’s compute mining is unique and previously unseen. In the process of mining DBC, the computing can be used to do actual work, nothing is wasted.

© Storage mining (100 million coins a year in the first 5 years)

Storage nodes will be rewarded based on their storage capacity and the bandwidth of their internet connection.

4. With 500 million tokens/year of DBC, 350 million DBC tokens for computing and 100 million DBC tokens for storage, how is the distribution of mining tokens decided?

DBC tokens will be rewarded to consensus nodes, parallel computing, and storage mining. Based on an AI-based advanced algorithms, each AI mining machines’ resources (available computer power, storage, memory) will be evaluated and benchmarked against AI training performance. The greater the parallel computing output and storage are offered to the shared DBC ecosystem, the more DBC rewards will be given.

Information on the AIMs

1. How many types of AIM product lines are there? How much does each cost?

We have five products offered for the AIM product line:

-AIM Storage,

-2GPU AIM Workstation,

-4GPU AIM Workstation,

-8GPU AIM Cloud

-and up to 128GPU AIM Super Cluster.

Prices are as follows:

Storage machine $3,480USD

2 GPU mining machine $9,500USD

4 GPU mining machine $16,500USD

8 GPU mining machine $31,500USD

128 GPU mining machine over $500,000USD.

2. Do we have details on the features of the DBC miners?

We do have reference architecture and will release detailed specifications on our website before the official go-live of our MainNet and AIM miner shipping in October.

Return on Investment — ROI

1. How long will it take to see a equal return on my investment?

Take the AIM Cloud with 8GPUs and a 16TB SSD as an example. The price is $31,500USD. Including shipping cost, facility hosting and operating costs, the fixed cost is around $33,500USD. The daily gross profit from GPU and storage mining (assuming DBC is at $0.10 USD) is $314 USD, net profit is $265 USD, on average you make your money back in 126 days.

Additional value after initial money-back period:

• After this the AI miner can continue to mine and earn DBC.

• As the DBC ecosystem develops and the price of the DBC token appreciates, miners can potentially generate more profit.

• Moreover, miners can use the AIM machines to complete AI training tasks submitted by users on the DBC platform in order to earn more DBC.

• Second-hand AIM resell value: DeepBrain Chain’s AI miners are fully functional AI servers, their GPUs typically sell for a good price even as second-hand goods.

How To Buy

The AIMs provided in the product line must be purchased with DBC tokens.

1. When is the pre-sale? What are the rules?

Pre-sale starts on the 18th of May at:

Pre-sale rules:

Each account can reserve 5 storage machines and choose one type of GPU mining machine to reserve up to 3 machines.

2. Regarding Buying

We will allocate an official time period for purchasing. Participants who have qualified to buy will have to complete the AIM purchase transaction with DBC in 15 minutes. There will be a transaction ID timestamp. If the purchase time frame expires and additional reserve is available, DBC will approach the people on the waiting list that did not qualify at the time to offer a second chance for procurement.

3. When will payment for the machines be made if eligible?

After the ranking is finalized and the official eligible buyers list is out, the official buying will be announced.

4. When do I have to deposit the DBC in the address to be ranked? How does the locking of DBC and ranking of wallets work?

This decision is partly up to the investors to decide. We plan to release DBC wallet verification and ranking in early June. Once DBC wallet verification and ranking starts, until the official buying starts, everyday at Pacific Standard Time 12AM our system will check the balance of your wallet, refresh the average balance of your wallet and rank wallets accordingly. Your ranking will affect your ability to buy. Please stay tuned for further information.

5. Can DBC miners be purchased as a group and shared amongst the investors?

Yes, we are working with reputable mining pools to host and sell shares of DBC AI Miners in the future.

6. What position do I have to be on the ranking chart to be eligible for buying?

This information will be released at a later stage.

7. The “auction” seems more like a lottery system since there is a limited supply of GPU mining machines, is this a right assumption?

There is no auction or bidding on our official website right now.

8. If I am eligible to purchase the presale miners, is there a cap on how many units I can purchase?

We will put a cap on how many machines each person can buy, the specific number will be announced when the actual buying starts and is subject to change.

The Release of AIMs

1. When is the release of the DBC AIM Miner?

DeepBrain Chain plans to release and ship the DBC AIM Miners in Q4.

2. Does DBC help facilitate the renting of storage space for the AIMs if we leave it for DBC to host? Are the facility fees calculated into your ROI?

Yes, the facility fees are included in the ROI.

3. If mining rigs are left with DBC team to host, could they one day be requested to be shipped locally and hosted ourselves?

The rights of the mining machines are with the owner of those machines. If the owner requests to have it shipped to a different location, this request will be supported at a reasonable cost.

Technical Questions

1. We already have machines with GPUs, can we participate in DBC mining?

We encourage participants to be part of the DBC ecosystem, even without buying AI miners from us. The concept of leveraging non-utilized AI hardware is fundamental to our goal of building the decentralized AI Cloud. We do require each DBC node to hold a certain amount of DBC deposits to be eligible for mining rewards and also to ensure the node will perform AI training jobs with compliance, security, and privacy.

2. What GPUs qualify to be part of the DBC distributed AI computing network?

The GPUs that support efficient AI training, especially deep learning, are primarily Nvidia GPUs that meet certain standards (typically above GTX 1080Ti). Our AI miners are custom optimized to meet standards of both AI training and DBC mining. We are open to user-owned AI workstations to join our ecosystem, as long as it can contribute effective AI training. As GPUs, FPGAs or custom AI chips evolve, we will evolve our miner hardware and DBC AI+Blockchain software to enable the most effective AI training and DBC mining.

3. Can we use ASICs or FPGAs as part of the DBC network for AI training?

DeepBrain Chain ecosystem will primarily use GPUs, as it has been proven successful and best suited for today’s AI training, especially for large-scale deep learning and machine learning. ASICs, FPGAs and custom AI chips are still being developed and as such are not mature enough for industry deployment and use in AI deep learning. Our team is actively tracking and monitoring this area and we will always utilize the most efficient and effective hardware and software to enable the best AI training possible on the DeepBrain Chain platform.

4. Which AI frameworks will be supported?

We plan to introduce support for popular AI frameworks such as TensorFlow, PyTorch, Caffe, CNTK etc. in phases.

5. For the mining machine, how much System Memory (RAM) is designed in your system?

To get optimal AI training performance, the normal rule of thumb is to design a system with more than twice the size of the aggregated total of the local memory on the GPU, as data does not always stay with the GPUs. For example with four 12GB local memory per GPU, the AIM system memory needs to be greater than twice the amount on the GPU devices, or over 96GB DDR4. System memory lower than the recommended ratio threshold will lead to negative performance in training workloads.

6. How much storage will DBC AI miners provide?

For AIMs with GPUs, SSDs are selected for optimal Deep Learning and machine learning performance, with large AI training datasets. We acknowledge that we cannot design a machine for all use cases. Our simple rule of thumb is to keep 2TB of SSD per GPU available.

7. What Operating Systems will be supported?

At present, the dominant OS for Deep Learning is Linux based systems. DBC AIMs are designed to maximise support based on the respective workload requirement of the Deep Learning training computation at hand.

8. What chips are being used for the GPU’s, and how do they compare to traditional high performance cards (ie 1080 Ti’s) in terms of hash rate performance? Is there an advantage to use DBC issued mining machines over traditional mining systems?

Detailed specification of the GPUs will be released prior to the release of the mining machines at Q4.

9. Does the mining machine require mounting racks?

No, it does not require rack mounting to host. To protect your investment, the machines will need to satisfy an operating temperature of 35C, in a controlled room in a data center environment. We will offer services to support your investment or work with partners for colocation services.

10. When the clients run AI workloads on DeepBrain Chain, will there be an extra DBC reward on top of mining incentive?

The DBC token is designed to reward the usage of the compute power when it is contributed to the DBC distributed system. The market rate will determine the additional revenue for participation in the DBC AI computing network.

11. Is there a release schedule of how many GPU’s will be released to market per year? This appears to be the biggest metric that affects how much DBC can be mined per GPU. How often will new and faster systems GPU systems be released?

Our initial release target for year 1 is around 2500 GPUs, which is the number our ROI model is based upon. If DBC price appreciates, then we can release more GPUs on the DBC platform to offer more AI computing power, while still generate the same mining profit for the owners of DBC AIM mining machines. Our experienced AI team is always monitoring the AI hardware (including GPU and specialized AI Chips) and software (various training software and tools) to ensure DBC will offer the best of our miners and AI users.

DeepBrain Chain will not be the sole supplier of GPUs in the DBC ecosystem. Parties with capable GPUs, such as GTX-1080TI, can also participate and contribute into the computing power and the mining of the DBC tokens. As a rule of thumb, the better the GPU performs in deep learning training, the better the chance the parties will benefit in participation of the DBC compute token mining.

Referral Campaign

Invite friends to win a AI storage machine!

We will be giving out 50 free storage miners worth $3,480 each to those who have successfully brought in six buyers. Please find your unique invitation link by logging into your official DeepBrain Chain account and going to our AI miner webpage.


1. Are there discussion boards especially for DBC AIM?

Please join our Chinese WeChat Miner Group: WeChat A/C LivenFuture

Please join our English Telegram Miner Group:

Please join our English Telegram DeepBrain Chain group for general discussion:

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