DeepBrain Chain Monthly Report July 2018

Valued Members of DeepBrain Chain Global Community:

Join us as we present a summary of significant developments and highlights for the month of July 2018! This month saw major progress in marketing, brand promotion and technology development. We continued to introduce our project at conferences and Meetups in and out of China and our AI Training Net received a lot of media attention, in addition to the interest from the community members and AI companies. Such progress is not possible without your consistent and unwavering support. We look forward to achieving more with you.

Marketing Timeline

  • July 6th-7th

Global Artificial Intelligence Startup Conference-Shenzhen China

On July 6th, we attended the Global Artificial Intelligence Startup Conference held by the Shenzhen Municipal Artificial Intelligence Industry Association. The conference, entitled “driving a shared future with Artificial Intelligence”, attracted participants from the government, famous research institutes, giants such as Huawei and ZTE, AI industry leaders such as iflytek and numerous AI startups. It was a great opportunity to present to industry experts and government authorities our thinking on AI industry’s problems and our solutions. We had good discussions with participants and guests.

  • July 12th

AI Meets Blockchain Meetup — Stuttgart Germany

On July 12th, we co-hosted with famous German venture capital Robert Bosch Venture Capital (RBVC) a meetup in Stuttgart Germany where representatives from famous automakers, German universities and research institutes talked about how the combination of AI and blockchain can be used in transportation.

Our CAO, Dr. Dongyan Wang announced that the DBC AI Training Net will be live on August 8th. After that, AI companies will be able to use the Training Net to do AI training and pay in DBC while on the other hand, computing power providers will be able to receive DBC. He also revealed that the DBC AIM will start shipping beginning of October and mining will start at the end of October.

  • July 13th

Meeting with German AI Companies

During our time in Germany, we visited a lot of famous German AI companies and institutes, including tech incubator Neckar Hub, the University of Stuttgart, ARTISENSE, e-shelter and the AI applications center at Technische Universität München. All the discussions centered around the expected exponential growth of computing demand and the consequential shortage of supply and price spikes of computing power. We also discussed possible solutions, including, among others, the diversified services provided by DeepBrain Chain’s blockchain-based decentralized cloud services. We also paid a visit to the College of Information Security at the University of Zurich to see if there are opportunities of cooperation.

The DBC Team with SIMSCALE
  • July 21st

“Winning in the Era of Computing Power” Meetup- Beijing China

On July 21st, we cohosted the “Winning in The Era of Computing Power” workshop with CSDN, the most popular developers’ community in China. The workshop, targeting A.I. executives, researchers, developers and other people involved or interested in A.I, attracted audience from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, PerfXLab and other famous A.I. companies and institutes. During the panel session, guests coming from different segments in A.I discussed the problems facing the industry and in particular, the computing power bottleneck and how blockchain and other new technologies can solve some of today’s problems. It was a great chance to present our ideas and solutions to an audience well-versed in A.I. The enthusiasm with which the audience received our message shows that the problems we have proposed are not empty threats, but real problems facing every A.I professional day in and day out. What’s more encouraging is how they applauded our solutions, i.e. “decentralized A.I computing platform” or “the AWS in A.I”.

  • July 27th

This is Blockchain Tech Meetup-Korea

At the invitation of Korean Gyeonggido Business & Science Accelerator, we attended the “This Is Blockchain” tech conference and introduced the DeepBrain Chain project, its innovations on blockchain and AI and the “Skynet Project” to an audience of AI companies. As a highlight of the event, our CEO Feng, VP of Technology Bruce and SKT data scientist Shin Jung-ho, Blockchain expert Lee Doo-hee, AI Part Healthcare Chatbot CEO Kim Min-yul and and Hillstone Partners CEO Rayol Hwang sat down and discussed AI and blockchain.

We also signed strategic cooperation agreement with three Korean AI companies: Minds Lab, Mydol and Meta C&S. Minds Lab is a stellar company that provides smart solutions to companies using machine learning and big data analytics techniques. Its “” series of products has a huge user pool. Mydol is a hugely popular App in Korea with a lot of daily active users.

Click to watch this event at

Media Attention

  • Korean media reports on interview with our CEO Feng:

Korea’s second largest economics and finance daily The Korea Economic Daily reported on its interview with our CEO and in particular his vision about DeepBrain Chain. Korean)

Talent Recruitment

Members joining this month include:

Ma Shijun,Staff Engineer

In the past decade, he worked on the cutting edge technologies like Big Data and AI with Global Fortune 500 enterprises (Huawei, Cisco, NetApp, Midea Group). His experience includes architected applications with integrating NLP, Vision, recommendation and Big Data, he has successfully delivered projects like New Retail and ecommerce and introduce the innovative New Retail concept in AWE. During his tenure in Huawei, he is dedicated to Big Data platform like Apache Spark Core and Sql, with 3 patents in DB Cloning base on ECDF, CBO with sampling.

Wanxin Xu, Senior Engineer

Wanxin Xu, she is expected to get her PhD degree in Electrical Engineering from University of Kentucky in August. She got her bachelor degree from University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, majoring in Communications Engineering. Her graduate research mainly focus on 2D/3D facial image manipulation and human motion capture for visual privacy protection. She had internship at Samsung Research American in US and Rakuten Inc. in Japan before. It’s her great pleasure to joint the team and hopefully she can use her knowledge and skills to contribute.

Maya,VP of Operations

After graduating from HuaZhong University of Science and Technology, she went on to pursue her Master’s Degree at the University of Surrey. She is an early bitcoin and blockchain applications developer and senior advisor to a blockchain project. She spent more than 10 years in Europe, working across different industries. She has several years of experience in operating global businesses and successfully built, developed and run large platforms, with consistent high returns. She is a veteran in operating international communities. She will serve as VP of Operations at DeepBrain Chain, in charge of overall operations.

Kris Zhu, Senior Platform Engineer

Dr. Zhu holds a doctoral degree in computer science with a major area in machine learning and computer vision. During his Ph.D. study, he has published more than 10 research papers on top AI conferences and journals. Prior to joining to DeepBrainChain, Dr. Zhu was working as Senior AI Engineer of Midea Emerging Technology Center for Midea Group (Fortune global 500 enterprise) in silicon valley. He has extensive experiences in developing large scale distributed deep learning platform and conducting research in deep learning and computer vision. Dr. Zhu has won numerous awards from world-class industrial and academic competitions, such as ChaLearn Challenge in ICCV2015, ChaLearn Challenge in CVPR2016,AI Challenger 2017 and LPIRC challenge in CVPR 2018.

Balpreet Singh,HPC engineer

Balpreet holds a Master’s degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Illinois at Chicago, and was an HPC analyst at ACER Labs (Advanced Network Education and Research Infrastructure). During his time at the research center, he focused on HPC system management, computer security and customer development. He also had experience with Philips Lighting and Cadence. He will support our 128 GPU cluster product line anddata center deployment.

Kevin Zhou,AI Platform

Kevin has 18 years experience in artificial intelligence, high performance computing, chip design and software development with Midea, Microsoft, Freescale, with expertise in AI platform, computer vision, deep learning algorithms for various applications and system architecture with software and hardware.

We are still hiring! Join us if you want to do something cool, fun and revolutionary!

Team members with more than 15 years of experience in R&D, from BAT, Huawei, NetEase, Mobile, Ericsson and other companies have joined us and we have successfully completed the overall architecture design of iteration 1 and run the first real-life NLP AI model training on our Testnet in June.

We are still recruiting blockchain development engineers, blockchain product managers, smart contract engineers, virtual machine development engineers, security engineers (penetration), distributed storage development engineers, operations managers and senior front-end engineers. We welcome external referrals. Successful referrals will be rewarded with an equivalent of RMB 20,000 in token form. All resumes will be processed and replied within 48 hours.

Contact: Please submit your referee’s resume and your contact information, so that we can give out the bounty one month after the candidate’s on-boarding.

Tech Development


1. Built several overseas nodes(1 8-GPU AIM, 1 4-GPU AIM, 2 2-GPU AIMs, 2 1-GPU AIMs) and successfully joined the DBC AI Training Net;

2. Worked with third-party computing power companies to develop interface so that external computing power can join the DBC network;

3. Development of DBC security technology and analyzed 4.5m Ethereumm blocks transactions and achieved 100% anomaly detection rate.

Focus of our dev team this week included: second round of testing of v0.3; preparing for the launch of our AI TrainingNet;


  • Design of the multi-chain and sharding architecture;
  • Design of the data encrytion scheme;
  • DGP Scheme Analysis;
  • Analysis of VM code;

Testing:complete first round of testing of v0.3 and start the second round of testing;


  • v0.3 :complete the first round of testing and debugging of all problems identified in testing; start the second round of testing;
  • v0.3:complete development of the billing system interface;
  • AI TraningNet v0.3 installation guide update;
  • AI TraningNet Security AI TrainingNet security response manual;
  • Build the automated testing platform;

5. Community Platform

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Thanks for reading! We are very appreciative of the community’s interest and support as DeepBrain Chain continues to grow rapidly. We hope this report proved concise and informative.

Kind Regards,

About DeepBrain Chain

DeepBrain Chain is the world’s first AI computing platform driven by blockchain. It uses blockchain technology to help AI companies save up to 70% of computing costs while protecting data privacy in AI training. Its vision is to build a ‘’Decentralized AI Cloud Computing Platform’’ and become ‘’The AWS in AI’’.

It’s committed to becoming an AI public & foundation chain to to provide high-performance computing power and data privacy protection for AI companies and all users with AI needs. AI companies can issue their own tokens on top of DeepBrain Chain and deploy their AI products there. Income of mining nodes in the DeepBrain Chain ecosystem comes in two parts, i.e. system rewards and DBC paid by users for AI computing power.

DeepBrain Chain will invest $100m in the Silicon Valley research center in the next 3 years. After the mainnet launch, the AI team will continue to push research in distributed AI training on DBC AI clusters (16–128GPU)(Q2’19) and across DBC AI network(Q4’19).

Now we are building up our local communities in North America, Europe, Russia, Korea and Southeast Asia with plans to develop communities in India, Japan, Australia and other countries and regions.