DeepBrain Chain Progress Report #46

DeepBrain Chain
Aug 2 · 3 min read

Dear DeepBrain Chain Community Members,

Please see below the latest report.

As we are moving in to a key development era, we would like to thank all the new community developers who are showing interest and taking part.

1. Product Development Progress

  1. Interface for changing e-mail address tied to account developed. User can update their e-mail address tied to account;
  2. Function of looking up e-mail address tied to account using wallet address developed;
  3. Function of looking up mining machine information completed. User can now look for the machine they need via 22 different filters, including country, price, floating point operation, hard disk speed and so on to choose the machine they want;
  4. Function of looking up mining machine information via machine ID completed;
  5. Looking up machine information of all orders via wallet address function completed;
  6. Interface for machine renting completed, including 13 sub-interface. Through these interfaces you can rent machine, search order, de-rent machine, round coins and so on;
  7. The dbchain platform base on DBC compute network is about to release its test version, it is open for public test, if you would like to take part please e-mail:

Dbchain platform is a milestone for DBC, it means that DBC token can be efficiently used to rent GPU. DBC token can be traded and change hands between miner, AI computer power user and exchange(s).

When using DBC token to rent GPU power, 4% of the DBC you pay will be used to reward supernodes, another 4% of token will be burnt immediately.

(Please note this is for the DBC Core team Chinese website platform only, the community website will likely also have a different reward/burn structure.)

2. Marketing Progress

  1. Reached initial partnership agreement with, an AI teaching organization that has over 20k students. They have a need for cheaper compute power and the collaboration will start around mid August.

3. Ecosystem Building

  1. DBC Foundation reaches strategic collaboration with Qinghai Mobile, China, and DeepBit Digital Tech. Qinghai Mobile is a branch under China Mobile Communications Group Co.,Ltd, a state own company in China. Qinghai joins DBC as part of a super computing center, their data center is T4 standard with the 5 stars IDC room. DeepBrain Chain can provide DBC network users with the best service with the joining of huge data center like Qinghai.
DBC Foundation as the official partner of Qinghai.

4. Community

  1. More public repository added, such as
  2. Working on WebAssembly version of wallet
  3. Pushing main chain code, which will be public in the near future
  4. Building blockchain explorer inside a graph database
  5. Added more content and files to in the lead-up to new page additions.
  6. Outlined current bug bounty rewards, which will be made available via our github issue submissions

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About DeepBrain Chain

DeepBrain Chain is the world‘s first AI computing platform driven by blockchain. It uses blockchain technology to help AI companies save up to 70% of computing costs while protecting data privacy in AI training. Its vision is to build a “Decentralized AI Cloud Computing Platform”.

Yours sincerely,

The DeepBrain Chain Team

DeepBrain Chain

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AI Computing Platform Driven By Blockchain

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