DeepBrain Chain Semi-annual Report June 2018

‘’Do. Or not do. There is no try.’’

-Yoda,《The Empire Strikes Back》

Before the car was invented, we thought we only needed a horse that could run fast.

Before DeepBrain Chain was born, the A.I industry was plagued by the costs of computing power, a market that is monopolized and dominated by giants. They don’t care about anything other than price and figures.

‘Changing The World’ is not a slogan for us.

DeepBrain Chain dares to challenge the dominance of centralized computing power providers to unleash the tremendous potential of artificial intelligence, and we will use blockchain technology to build a decentralized cloud computing platform to cut computing power costs by up to 70%. What DeepBrain Chain can and will bring to the world will be a true revolution for productivity and relation of production.

This isn’t some empty talk. The computing power giants will be challenged, right to where their core business is. After half a year of development, DeepBrain Chain has made much progress in technology development, ecosystem building, marketing and community growth.Despite what we have achieved, there is still an uphill battle for us to fight.

We sincerely invite our community members to examine our work in the past six months.

The end goal might be far way, but we haven’t forgotten why we are here.

1. Project Development

The aim of DeepBrain Chain is to provide a low-cost, privacy-protecting, flexible, secure and decentralized AI computing platform driven by blockchain.

To achieve this grand vision, we have to overcome numerous technical difficulties. To build a robust decentralized cloud-computing platform that is solid from the underlying architecture all the way to user interface is like creating an artifact. You can never be too careful and conscientious.

From the moment we wrote the first line of code, until half a year later, we successfully conducted several AI and ML test cases, behind the scenes are the numerous nights when our developers burnt the mid-night oil.

Development Roadmap


Features: finished development of 31 features;

Lines of code: 74957 lines;

GitHub commits: 553 commits;

GitHub fork: 5 forks;

Iterations: one iteration every 2months and 3 iterations in total;

Testing rounds: 186 test cases and 6 rounds of testing;

Testing management: unit testing framework, automated testing framework and Gerrit code review procedure;

Operations systems: multi-OS support, Windows, Linux and Mac;

The DeepBrain Chain Testnet has successfully ran multiple AI and machine learning real-life training scenarios. At the moment they have completed MNIST, Natural Language Processing, Voice recognition, driverless cars, machine arm grabbing, smart production AI detection, medical tumor detection, planet inspection and many other types of training.

  • Image Recognition: Using neural network to conduct MNIST handwritten number pictures recognition training. The MNIST dataset include 70,000 images, out of which 60,000 are training images and 10,000 are testing images. Each MNIST image is a single handwritten number picture.
  • NLP: Using Convolution Neural Network to conduct natural language text categorization processing. Capable of analyzing meaning from Chinese language and effective sentiment analysis.
  • Voice Recognition: Using more than 800 WAV voice files to conduct AI training, successfully trained missions for machine to understand voice and vocabulary.
  • Planet Inspection: To train model that can search for similar planet in the entire network of stars by looking at the picture of a particular planet. (Part of the data came from NASA. Whoever discovers a new planet, the planet will be named after him/her.)
  • Tumor Detection: This training allows early detection of symptoms on early stage lung cancer patients, avoiding misdiagnosis or delayed treatment. The training success rate on early detection is 97%.
  • Data Categorization and Prediction: Using Random Forest model to conduct categorization and prediction on users’ data.
  • Driverless Cars: Successfully trained driverless cars AI training model. Including 45,557 road data, from parking lot to road images data.

R&D team’s immediate development focuses are on: v0.2.0 entering third round of testing; AI Training Net; complete v0.3.0’s development and code review, entering testing phase;

The Skynet Project

On June 15th, we started the “Skynet Project” to recruit AI computing power from around the world. Anyone with qualified rigs can apply to become part of the DeepBrain Chain “Skynet” and get generous rewards. The purpose of this project is to build a worldwide DeepBrain Chain Tesnet to make preparations for the launch of the DeepBrain Chain Mainnet at the end of this year. Up to now, 82 nodes from 9 countries have applied. In total, they will offer 440 rigs with 916 high-performance GPUs.

DBC AI Miners

We have pushed out five types of AI mining machine, covering different levels of need, from individual miners to specialized institutions. After the wallet ranking in June, 2018, DeepBrain Chain officially opened the buying of the machines on July 5th, 2018. During the sale, 4GPU and 8 GPU machines were sold out within an hour.

2. The Team

If code is poetry, then we have a team of most romantic poets.

Our team, both in the Silicon Valley and Shanghai, is expanding. All of our developers have around 15 or more years of experience and worked for Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent, IBM, Cisco, Supermicro, Huawei, Midea, Netease, China Mobile and Ericsson.

Big names from the industry has also given DeepBrain Chain new blood, pushing the development of the project forward faster. Their endorsement is a validation of our project.

Silicon Valley — AI + Blockchain Center

Dr. Dongyan Wang, Chief AI Officer,

Executive VP of DeepBrain Chain AI+Blockchain Center

Dr. Wang is a specialist with 20 years of Silicon Valley experience in artificial intelligence, business intelligence and data science.

He has extensive experience in AI platform, AI products, AI business applications, advanced analytics, data science, big data, and a great variety of cloud and on-premise enterprise applications.

Jason Pai, Sr. Director of Product Management,

Silicon Valley AI+Blockchain Center AIM Director

Jason holds two Master degrees, from New York University Stern School of Business for Business Analytics, and from Fulton School of Engineering at Arizona State for Industrial Engineering focused on Management of Technology and Operation Research. He has over 15 years of experience with hardware development and product management with Supermicro, IBM, and Ford Motor.

Brian Xu, Chief Data Scientist

Brian has extensive experience in software with over 48 products (AI, ML, data analytics, etc.) and intelligent solutions as a tech lead since 1998, having done 20 programs ($5M~$50M/Y) for big customers (Boeing, DARPA, etc.). He also has over 38 technical papers and USA patents, and 76 technical presentations.

Jan Huang, Senior AI Engineer

Jan has a Bachelor of Science in Electronic Engineering from Tsinghua University; and a Master of Computer Vision from Yale University; as well as a Ph.D. in Image Processing from University of Washington. He was previously engaged in video image processing, artificial intelligence machine learning and in-depth learning research and development in Philips and IBM Watson. Jan has a number of AI related articles and patents.

HaiSong Gu, Sr. Director of AI Applications for Computer Vision & Robotics

Prior to joining DeepBrain Chain, Dr. Gu was the Division Manager and Senior Manager of Konica-Minolta and Midea. He is the first author to have published more than 30 research papers (in PAMI and CVPR) while holding 20 granted patents (17 pendings) of US, Japan and China.

Shijun Ma, Staff Engineer

He works on cutting edge technologies like Big Data and AI, and has three related patents in DB Cloning base on ECDF, CBO with sampling.

Kris Zhu, Senior Platform Engineer

Dr. Zhu holds a doctoral degree in computer science with a major area in machine learning and computer vision. During his Ph.D. study, he has published more than 10 research papers on top AI conferences and journals. He has extensive experiences in developing large scale distributed deep learning platform and conducting research in deep learning and computer vision.

Wanxin Xu, Senior Engineer

She is expected to get her PhD degree in Electrical Engineering from University of Kentucky in August. She got her bachelor degree from University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, majoring in Communications Engineering. Her graduate research mainly focus on 2D/3D facial image manipulation and human motion capture for visual privacy protection.

Balpreet Singh, HPCEngineer

Balpreet holds a Master’s degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Illinois at Chicago, and was an HPC analyst at ACER Labs (Advanced Network Education and Research Infrastructure). He will support our 128 GPU cluster product line and data center deployment.

Kevin Zhou, AI Platform Staff Engineer

Kevin has 18 years experience in artificial intelligence, high performance computing, chip design and software development with Midea, Microsoft, Freescale, with expertise in AI platform, computer vision, deep learning algorithms for various applications and system architecture with software and hardware. He has also won a second and a third place in the two categories in the 2018 CVPR competition.

Shanghai -Blockchain Tech Team

Bruce, Vice President of Research & Development

He has 14 years pf experience with software development and framework design, he was once chief architect of Huawei’s open platform.Apart from being an experienced software architect, he is also familiar with C++, JAVA, network communications, distributed system, P2P network, design models, data architecture and blockchain.

Jeason, Denior Blockchain Engineer

He has a Master degree in software engineering from University of Science and Technology of China. He has worked in Cisco and Intel Asia-Pacific Research and Development Co. Ltd. He started working in blockchain from 2015, he is familiar with blockchain bottom technology and has smart contract related development experience; he so co-edited the book Blockchain Technology Development Guide.

Elvis, Senior Security Specialist

He worked as a specialist for Aliyun Feitian Virtualization, Ali Co-op Security Department; he has 9 years of experience in the security industry ad 2 years experience in cloud computing virtualization. He is familiar with the mainstream penetrative tool and malicious code attack analysis; he is also specialized in Linux and Windows core.

Regulus, Senior Blockchain Engineer

He has over 12 years experience in communications software development and architect design. He has worked at Huawei and China Mobile Research Institute, he is the former senior researcher at China Mobile Co-op Research Center.

Jimmy, Senior Blockchain Engineer

He has 13 years of experience in communications software development and design. He is the former Ericsson 4G product architect and a team member of the 5G core network global architecture team. He is responsible for network DHCP service and user verification service’s design and development. He specializes in virtualization, cloud computing and micro service structure.

Richard, Senior Engineer

He has 18 years experience of combat programming and is proficient in Linux kernel and Android bottom development. He has worked for Motorola, Huawei and other Fortune 500 companies.

Allan, Senior Engineer

Allan is the former chief architect of Tencent QQLive and NetEase Video Cloud. He has worked for Cisco and Tencent in software development and architecture design; he has over 11 years experience in Internet technology development and is proficient in large-scale Internet service architecture and excels in the back-end of the Internet. He has developed many Internet products with daily PV over 200m as the person in charge.

Victor Wang, Senior Smart Contract Development Engineer

Victor has worked at icube, cconchip, VIA, pathscale and other chip companies. He has 10-year experience in compiler development.

Steve, Senior Blockchain Test Architect

He has 14 years of experience in cross-national companies in software testing, he has worked for multiple world’s top 500 consultant companies as a test architect. He has a MBA from The University of Hong Kong, and an Innovation Investment and Management Certification from Stanford University.

Dean, Senior Blockchain Testing, Maintenance and Operating Engineer

Dean was the leader at Taobao movie testing and the testing manager of Tianfeng Securities. He has worked at Citi Bank, EMC, Alibaba and many reputable companies with more than 7 years experience in testing.

Tower, Senior Blcokchain Engineer

He was once the system architect of OSN one-platform exchange, he was the main leader in the tech analysis on transmit, categorization of next iteration forward architect. He has more than 15 years of experience in developing and is familiar with linux user mode and kernal modes software codes.

Taz, Senior Blockchain Engineer

Taz has worked for SNDA before, he has more than 8 years of experience in coding. He was once responsible for SNDA’s innovation research center’s IM back-end development, CRM server end. He is familiar with C, C++, Python high-performance coding, distributed back-end service development and others.

Klaus, Senior JavaDeveloper

He has 5 years experience in Internet business usage scenario structure design and development. He is familiar with Java, familiar with using Java series high-concurrency and data analytics framework such as Netty, Storm, Hadoop, Hbase, Spark and others. He has provided tech solution to companies like EBay, China UnionPay Merchant Services Co., Ltd, Huifu Limited and many more.

Hansen, Senior Blockchain Test Architect

He has more than 13 years experience in testing, he has worked for Huawei and as SMSGW’s testing manager, MMSC testing leader, responsible for global operator and many big-scale software systems’ testing. He specializes in protocol testing, performance/capability, realiability, automatization, cluster testing and project quality management and so on.

Victor, Web Developer

He has 3 years of experience in web related work, he is familiar with JavaScript, writes front-end and back-end framework, general components and all kinds of tools, modules. He is familiar with page development, has studied front-end special effect and web cutting-edge tech. He is an open source enthusiast, read many project codes and has himself published many open source codes. He specializes in web system data module building and project making.

3. Ecosystem Partners

It takes two to dance. To build a decentralized cloud computing platform and a complete AI ecosystem, it’s necessary to have partners from the industry and related industries.

Over the course of the past half a year, we have established partnership with many quality projects, enriching our ecosystem.


OneGame is a decentralized virtual world on top of the DeepBrain Chain AI foundation chain. AI algorithms are OneGame’s core competitive advantages. DeepBrain Chain’s powerful platform provides necessary computing resources, AI algorithms and data support for OneGame.


On May 20th, DeepBrain Chain reached strategic partnership with BKBT. DBC will provide an AI deep learning computing platform for BKBT, which will provide DBC’s Chinese community members with a quality information App and a place to exchange opinions and interact with the team. Now we have nearly 40,000 followers subscribing to our BKBT account.

Thailand’s Bitcoin Addict Community

DeepBrain Chain entered media partnership with Thailand’s biggest cryptocurrency community Bitcoin Addict. The two parties will actively promote the development of DBC Thailand’s community and brand awareness. They will share resources to facilitate information flow and communications, so as to build a strong community.


On June 11th, DeepBrain Chain announced partnership with SingularityNET, a leading full stack open source platform for innovators in AI. The partnership will allow SingularityNET to offer AI Agents on their data marketplace the option to power algorithms and link data sets via DeepBrain Chain’s network. The deal will also allow for a connection between agents that link one service to another. With computing power supported by DeepBrain Chain, AI agents on SingularityNET will find development much faster and cheaper.


EtainPower (token: EPR) is a smart energy trading platform built on top of the decentralized AI computing platform, DeepBrain Chain. It uses blockchain and smart contracts to tokenize energy, thus changing the way sustainable energy projects get financing and its trading and circulating model. AI algorithms on DeepBrain Chain will offer support on bottom structure technology for EtainPower to build a powerful AI energy ecosystem.

ARM(AI Ecosystem Consortium, AIEC)

The world’s leading AI cloud computing platform, DeepBrain Chain, announces to join ARM AI Ecosystem Consortium (AIEC) as an important member. AIEC aims to rally the upstream and downstream businesses in the industry, with the goal of deploying AI in real-life scenarios in mind, building a new interactive ecosystem on data, algorithms and chips. Building a straight highway between cloud and terminal, accelerating AI’s industrialization.

4. Community Development

Now, as we grow, our community members come not only from English-speaking areas, but from around the world.

Community Activities

On April 24th, we started a sticker competition to invite community members to make DBC-related stickers and were so encouraged by the passion and creativity they showed in supporting this project. Click competition results and stickers collection.

On April 28th, we live streamed the first Joya HODL to better interact with the community. It was well-received by our community members who want to have more of this kind of direct and effective communications.

On May 15th, we held the first DBC AIM AMA on Reddit to answer questions related to our AI Miners.

On June 8th, our CEO did a live broadcast at TokenClub with news about our AIM. This live streaming attracted more than 80,000 viewers with thousands of questions, to which Feng gave detailed and satisfactory ansers.

Community Progress

Our community will be like our decentralized nodes network, scattered around the world.

Video:YouTubeYouku(Chinese Youtube)

Media platforms:Medium简书金色财经币乎苹果播客

Social Media Platforms:TwitterFacebook

Telegram English:12,676 ;(

Telegram Korean:1,060 ;(

Telegram Vietnam:1,647 ;(

Telegram Indonesia:1,682;(

Telegram Thailand:2,355 ;(

Telegram AI Miners:2,182;(

Twitter :44,327 ;(

Reddit :8,225 ;(

Facebook:2,457 ;(


Website Upgrading

We now offer Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese language support, in addition to the English language version. We also simplified the user interface page. Now, registered users on our website reach 40,000. In the future, we will provide more languages to make it more convenient to the community.

We also launched the bounty system. After registering on our website, users can get DBPoints by referring our website to their friends, bind their DBC account with their social media accounts, retweet our tweets and get their wallet address verified. DBPoints calculate users’ contribution to DeepBrain Chain. Their ranking will determine their rewards.

5. Marketing

North America

  • Blockchain Connect Conference-San Francisco

Date: 2018–01–26

Our CEO was invited to attend this first conference held with the joint efforts on both sides of the Pacific and gave a keynote entitled “Artificial Intelligence Computing Platform Driven By Blockchain Technology”.

  • NEO DevCon-Silicon Valley

Date: 2018–01–31

Our CEO was invited to speak at the NEO DevCon themed “The Moon Shot” in the Silicon Valley.

  • CPC Cryptocurrency and Exchange Conference

Date: 2018–03–01

Our CEO gave A Future of AI Built on Blockchain” speech at the conference.

  • GDIS (Global Disruptive Innovation Summit)

Date: 2018–05–01

Our CAO was invited to give a speech at GDIS.


  • CMO’s Interview with Asia Economic TV (아시아경제 )

Date: 2018–02–07

During the interview, our CMO illustrated how a 7 year journey in AI led the team to the idea of combining AI with blockchain.

  • 2018 Blockchain 3.0 Conference Seoul 2018

Date: 2018–02–09

CMO Lee attended Seoul Blockchain Conference and gave a keynote speech titled “Using Blockchain and Token to Unleash the Power of AI”.

  • TokenSky- Korea(TokenSky Blockchain Conference Seoul Session)

Date: 2018–03–14–03–15

DeepBrain Chain was invited to attend Token Sky Blockchain Conference in Seoul.

  • DeepBrain Chain’s Global Tech Meetup — 1st stop: Seoul

Date: 2018–04–27

This event attracted more than 300 Korean community members to attend.


  • DeepBrain Chain’s First Europe Tour

From January 8th, 2018, DeepBrain Chain’s CEO Yong He was invited by the NEO community to join the 5-days NEO Meetup in Europe. Yong He presented DeepBrain Chain’s vision, technology and roadmap to investors.

  • Congress BlockchainRF-2018- Russia

Between March 27th — 28th, 2018, DeepBrain Chain’s CEO and CMO attended the Russian Blockchain Expo held by RACIB (Russian Association of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain).

  • Blockchain EXPO- The Netherlands

Date: 2018–06–27–06–28

DeepBrain Chain attended Blockchain Expo in Amsterdam, spreading our vision of building a decentralized AI cloud in the blockchain era.

  • Stuttgart Meetup- Germany

On July 12th, 2018, we held a joint meetup with Robert Bosch Venture Capital(RBVC) in Stuttgart Germany and introduced our latest progress to the representatives from numerous European companies.

South-east Asia


From 18th- 19th of April 2018, we attended the Tokenomx conference in Thailand and introduced our project to the Thai audience.


On April 22nd, 2018, we attended the “Build the Future, Break the Limit” summit in Vietnam and introduced our solutions to the Vietnamese community.


On May 9th, 2018, we attended the “Block Jakarta 2018” blockchain conference, our Senior Market Manager, Eric, was invited to speak as a guest.


  • CES ASIA- June 15th

CEO Yong He attended the Asia Consumer Electronics Exhibition — Blockchain Industry Application Forum.

  • The Blockchain Technology and Industry Application Seminar- Martti Malmi Offline Meeting- June 27th

One of the first bitcoin developers, Martti Malmi made his first trip to Shanghai for the Blockchain Technology and Industry Application Seminar to which our CEO was invited to introduce DeepBrain Chain.

  • Global AI and Robotics Summit — Shenzhen — June 29th

At the AI and Robotics Summit, our CEO introduced our project to an audience of more than 200 AI professionals and investors, in addition to the 300,000 viewers tuning in via a live streaming platform.

  • World Blockchain Conference — Wuzhen- June 30th

Our CMO was invited to a round table discussing how AI and chips powered by blockchain can bring about changes to the future at World Blockchain Conference — Wuzhen.

  • CSDN AIComputing Power Closed Door Forum — July 21st

In this “Winning in The Era of Computing Power” workshop held by CSDN, the most popular developers’ community in China, we attracted audience from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, PerfXLab and other famous A.I. companies and institutes.

  • This is Blockchain Tech Meetup — Korea — July 27th

At the invitation of Korean Gyeonggido Business & Science Accelerator, we attended the “This Is Blockchain” tech conference and introduced the DeepBrain Chain project, its innovations on blockchain and AI and the “Skynet Project” to an audience of AI companies.

6. Branding

Media Reports


  • DeepBrain Chain Awarded ‘’Most Outstanding Technology Award’’ Award at GBLS(Global Sleepless Blockchain Leadership Summit in Hangzhou)

On June 6th, 2018, Hangzhou government held the Global Sleepless Blockchain Leadership Summit. DeepBrain Chain was awarded ‘’Most Outstanding Technology Award’’ because of their innovative business model using blockchain technology, solving the three biggest hurdles, high computing cost, low data security and long product-launching period in the AI industry.

  • Global AI and Robotics Summit “Best Future Potential”Award

On the Global AI and Robotics Summit on July 1st, after a dozen experts’ deliberation, DeepBrain Chain was chosen out of 128 AI projects to receive the ‘’Best Future Potential’’ award.

7. Timeline

2018–08–08: AI Training Net Live, DBC can be used to buy GPU computing power.

2018–10–31: AI Computing Mining Live.

2018–12–31: DeepBrain Chain Main Chain Live.

2019–03–31: Consolidate AI Training Net and mining to DeepBrain Chain Main Chain.

2019–06–30: Data and image marketplace live on platform.

8. Important Events To Come

  • DeepBrain Chain AI Training Net Goes Live — August 8th

DeepBrain Chain AI Training Net will be live officially on August 8th. From then on, AI companies can conduct real-life AI training on our AI Training Net, use DBC token to pay for the training and buy AI computing resource. Computing power provider will receive DBC as reward. DeepBrain Chain’s official issued AIM machines will be delivered and start mining at end of October. DeepBrain Chain’s main chain is expected to be live by end of 2018.

  • Silicon Valley International Blockchain Expo — October 1st

The first International Blockchain Expo will be held in Silicon Valley, U.S, in October 2018. This expo is co-hosted by International Blockchain Expo Limited and SVBI, with the help of DeepBrain Chain, the event will support payment by DBC and ETH on ticket selling and sponsorships. International Blockchain Expo Limited aims to create great blockchain technology and product exhibitions within the globe, helping to accelerate the real-life application of blockchain innovation and technology. The expo will also combine another hot topic — AI, and explore a future of ‘’Blockchain + AI’’/.


There is a theory in Evolution called ‘’Punctuated Equilibrium’’, which means the world was evolving in a certain direction, but then a sudden change at the root occurred.

A fossil was evolving at a certain rate, but then a completely different sediment layer suddenly occurs;

The corrupted social power structure that lasted for hundreds of years in middle age was turned upside down due to the invention of printing;

When the telephone just appeared, Western Union thought it was too flawed to really be a tool for communication.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating. 60 years of AI development will be disrupted and see a new order due to the decentralized computing platform DeepBrain Chain is building. This new order will bring the world a punctuated equilibrium.

“It took human kind over thousands of years to go from hunting to agriculture life; from agriculture life it took another thousands of years to industrial life; from industrial age to the age of atom it only took 200 years; then it only took decades to enter the age of information. ”

The human civilization is evolving rapidly, and we are all part of it.

Click to watch: DeepBrain Chain Intro Vid