DeepBrain Chain Weekly Report #6

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Apr 10, 2018 · 5 min read

Dear DeepBrain Chain Community Members:

Thanks for your unwavering support! DeepBrain Chain will continue to share the latest progress in tech development, marketing and community building.

Below is a recap of what we have achieved last week:


Last week, the tech team worked on iteration 0 and iteration 1 simultaneously:

  • We have completed the second round of testing of iteration 0 and are ready to conduct the third round of testing;
  • We have finished 95% of the coding for the P2P AI training network for iteration 1 and will start code review and debugging next week. We plan to build a minimum P2P AI training network by the end of April that will support, as a priority, TensorFlow.

Architecture Design

  • Analyzing alternative concepts for AI storage data encryption mechanisms;
  • Analyzing alternative concepts for decentralized and distributed storage;


  • We tested, on a Intel Core i7 Windows platform, concurrent TCP connections of more than 100,000 to a single node, with stable performance (further tests can be performed, with 1million concurrent TCP connections to a single node);
  • We finished the second round of testing for iteration 0 and are ready for the third round of testing, during which we will focus on stability testing under such abnormal conditions as memory and handle resource release and DDoS;


  • Finishing image file management function coding;
  • Finishing AI users submitting AI training tasks function coding;
  • Finishing AI users submitting AI training tasks in batches function coding;
  • Finishing AI users viewing AI training task status function coding;
  • Finishing AI users terminating AI training task function coding;
  • Finishing AI users viewing memory nodes status function coding;
  • Delegating P2P network features to a lower-priority status and delaying its coding.

Marketing and Community


  • The new official website V1.0 goes online
Home page of DeepBrain Chain’s official website

DeepBrain Chain’s new website is now live. You will find “Sign up,” “Log in,” and “DBPoints” functions. DBPoints can be acquired by registering on the website, following our Twitter and subscribing to our newsletter. There will be more DBPoints events and we welcome all the community members to join us. The website V2.0 is under design and we would greatly appreciate any feedback from you.

The introduction about DBPoints on the DeepBrain Chain’s official website

Events and Cooperation

The Philippines

Our team went to Southeast Asia last week and have done some market research there. The team met with the relevant person in charge of, a Philippine currency digital assets exchange. Coinx is the first digital asset trading platform in the Philippines where the government recognizes and issues legal government licenses. The person explained their tech background, the future development plan of Coinx and government regulations and laws in the Philippines. Both parties have discussed about the development of the Philippine blockchain market and will keep a close relationship.


DeepBrain Chain has reached partnership with Tokenomy. Tokenomy is a currency exchange established by the founder of, the biggest exchange in Indonesia with more than 1 million active users. Users can log in Tokenomy exchange website with their accounts. We also met with Next Digital, an Indonesian digital marketing company, and received some suggestions on exploring the Indonesian market.

DeepBrain Chain team are meeting with Next Digital


In order to celebrate that the number of Telegram English community has reached 10K, we have organized an AMA event and created an AMA video to answer some key questions. DeepBrain Chain has started to enter into the Southeast Asian market and build the local communities. For the Korean community, a new Telegram group has been created, focusing on loyal fans in Korea. In the future, our community will hold more events.

Current situation of our community:

  • Telegram(English Official Group): 10,210 members
  • Telegram(New Korean Official Group): 138 members
  • Twitter: 23,620 members
  • Reddit: 6,986 members
  • Facebook Page: 431 members

Things to Come

Southeast Asia — Thailand

DeepBrain Chain will be attending the Tokenomx conference at Chiang Mai from April 18th to 19th, 2018;

Southeast Asia — Vietnam

DeepBrain Chain has been invited to attend the 2018 Southeast Asia Blockchain Innovation Summit on April 21st. We will introduce our blockchain technology and the ecosystem on the conference;

United States

  • DeepBrain Chain will be attending the Blockchain Career Fair at UC Berkeley on April 18th, 2018;
  • DeepBrain Chain is invited to attend to AI Congress Vegas, which is one of the biggest conferences in the AI industry, from May 3rd to May 4th, 2018. We will be presenting the DeepBrain Chain project to global AI firms.


We will be holding the first Meet Up in Seoul and communicate with Korean community members face to face.


DeepBrain Chain’s vision is to use blockchain technology to connect worldwide computing power, to build a decentralized AI ecosystem. We strongly believe that each of our community members will create more value.

Exchanges we’re currently on: ,Kucoin ,LBank,, Allcoin, Bitbns, Switcheo



If you have any suggestions or feedback, feel free to contact, or DeepBrain Chain Twitter.

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