DeepBrain Chain’s Silicon Valley Lab Receives Strategic Investments from European-American Giant and Gobi Venture Capital

Today we are extremely pleased to announce some major news. DeepBrain Chain’s Silicon Valley lab has received strategic investments from both an undisclosed European-American giant and Gobi Venture Capital. The investments will be put to use to assist the on-going development of DeepBrain Chain and our incubated killer AI app, VisionX.

Expect further details soon.

Yours sincerely, DeepBrain Chain

DeepBrain Chain is working towards building the infrastructure for the next generation of the internet. Through the use of distributed ledger technology and blockchain’s decentralized trust-less mechanism, DeepBrain Chain will provide a global network of AI computing and storage nodes. Sharing AI computing power globally will allow AI companies to save up to 70% on costs while protecting their data privacy. DeepBrain Chain’s Silicon Valley lab has incubated an AI industry chain project — VisionX. VisionX aims to build a cross-industry high-performance AI collaboration platform. It has the biggest database for surface defect image recognition in the world. Through their one-stop-shop of AI services, VisionX can save companies up to 30% on costs as compared to competitors.

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