Guide for DBC/DPT Community Administrators

I. Introduction

This Guide is for DeepBrain Chain and DeepToken Community Administrators.

First of all, thank you very much for choosing to become a DeepBrain Chain and DeepToken Community Administrator and:

  • work closely with the DBC/DPT team to expand DeepBrain Chain and DeepToken’s influence in the AI industry;
  • be exposed to the latest developments and trends in both AI and blockchain industries;
  • benefit from a platform that has no geographical boundaries nor language barriers to meet and make friends;
  • bring your imagination and creativity into full play and in the meantime, enjoy the various rewards correspondent to your contribution.

Becoming a DeepBrain Chain and DeepToken Community Administrator is a new starting point, but there is much more to achieve. This guide is meant to help you understand and navigate the rights and obligations of Community Administrators. We might update the guide whenever we think necessary without prior notification. DeepBrain Chain and DeepToken’s official announcements, statements or other similar content shall be seen as part of the Guide.

II. Introduction of DeepBrain Chain and AI Training Net

DeepBrain Chain is the world’s first AI computing platform powered by blockchain. It uses blockchain technology to save AI companies up to 70% on cost, and protects data privacy during AI training. DeepBrain Chain’s vision is to build a ‘’Decentralized AI Cloud Platform’’, creating the ‘’AWS in AI’’.

DeepBrain Chain works to build an AI public chain, to provide high-performance computing power and to protect data privacy for users with AI needs. AI companies can deploy their products on DeepBrain Chain. Every AI computing node on DeepBrain Chain will have two sources of income, the DBC rewarded by the system and the DBC paid by AI users who rent computational power.

AI Training Net is a core function in DeepBrain Chain R&D team’s development. It is a trading platform that consolidates computing resources and carries out matchmaking for computing power provider and computing power requester.

The demand side can find suitable GPU power supplier in the AI Training Net according to their training needs, then pay the supplier DBC token to purchase the DBC Cloud Computing Package and acquire the usage rights.

Computing power providers can download software installation package on DeepBrain Chain official website, deploy nodes onto DeepBrain Chain AI Training Net and offer their idle GPU computing power to the entire network.

6 Advantages of DeepBrain Chain’s AI Training Net :Multiple Machine Models Low CostDistributed Flexible SupplyPeer to Peer Matchmaking Multi-Deep Learning Framework Support.

DeepBrain Chain Foundation announced on August 2nd that it would open the world’s first digital asset exchange dedicated to AI, helping AI companies and start-ups to raise funding, issue and trade digital assets. Through DeepToken Exchange, quality AI projects around the world can be tokenized. More over, DeepToken Exchange gives users the basic rights to participate in the community ecosystem through four powerful tools: transaction fee remittance, secondary market repurchase, voting on listing by the community and autonomy on important community affairs. DeepToken will be trading live in September to October 2018.

III. Responsibilities:

  • Represent DeepBrain Chain and DeepToken at all times positively;
  • Devote sufficient time to community management and growth, including but not limited to: publishing and managing content (including translation of weekly reports and announcements), keeping the community active, keeping the order of the community, community expansion and working with the DeepBrain Chain and DeepToken marketing team on planning and executing events and campaigns;
  • Promote Deepbrain Chain AI TrainingNet Cloud Computing Packages and other services;
  • Promote DeepBrain Chain and DeepToken’s events and campaigns;
  • Manage your team members, including Global Ambassadors in your charge and push them to excel;

IV. Rewards:

  • Fixed monthly salary;
  • DBP rewards based on the number of valid registrations brought in; 5 DBP for each valid registration;
  • 2% of the DBC sold by you;
  • 2% of the DPT sold by you;
  • The performance will be evaluated monthly, based on your performance, that of your recommended GAs. If you fail the performance review for two consecutive months, you might be moved to Global Ambassador. You can also apply to become a GA.

Community Administrators and Global Ambassadors shall pass KYC verification on the DeepBrain Chain website and have their wallets verified. There will be strict anti-fraud check and DeepBrain Chain reserves the right to interpret all the rules where the law allows.

V. KPIs:

  • Valid registrations brought in to the DeepBrain Chain and DeepToken websites;
  • Valid DBC/DPT holders- counted as those who have their wallets verified and hold DBC/DPT in their wallets;
  • Promotional performance — including everyone in whose performance the Community Administrator has a stake;
  • Social media influence;
  • Performance promoting other DeepBrain Chain and DeepToken products, programs and campaigns;
  • Community rankings;
  • Forward and share the latest news and articles related in DeepBrain Chain and DeepToken using native languages;
  • Scores of regular reporting to the DeepBrain Chain and DeepToken;
  • Speed and quality of response;
  • Ability to work under pressure and always represent DeepBrain Chain and DeepToken positively;
  • Alignment with DeepBrain Chain and DeepToken’s goals at different phases;

VI. Support from DeepBrain Chain and DeepToken

  • Support

We Offer Support for DBC:

We offer various supports to Community Administrators. One example is we will convince quality partner projects to give out their tokens to DBC buyers to increase the incentive to purchase DBC. The first project, EtainPower will give their token EPR to DBC buyers equivalent to 10% of the DBC they have purchased.

We Offer Support for DPT:

To help you attract AI buyers and investors, DeepToken Exchange will give benefits on projects based on its chain to DPT buyers to help the conversion. DeepBrain Chain’s office will announce more information later.

  • Who can be DBC/DPT buyers?
  • AI companies
  • Univerisities/Research institutes with an AI department/facility
  • AI enthusiasts
  • AI students
  • Ordinary investors who like DBC


  • How to get my unique invitation link?

Please click and read ‘’Your Unique Invitation Link’’

  • How to invite people to register DBC official website and verify wallet?

Please click and read ‘’How To Register On DBC Website And Verify Wallet’’

  • How to buy a DBC Cloud Computing Package?

Please click and read ‘’How to buy a DBC Cloud Computing Package’’

  • Will DeepBrain Chain check our performance?

To ensure each DeepBrain Chain Community Administrator received fair and transparent rights, our official website will have strict anti-fraud checks to ensure the authenticity of your performance.

  • When can I get my rewards?

All rewards will be subjected to anti-fraud check then transferred to your account in the next month if all checks are fine. Then you can log in to your account to check your income.

  • What’s the difference between the Community Administrator and Global Ambassador?

Community Administrators are expected to take on various jobs and deliver on KPIs. They can apply to switch to Global Ambassadors(GAs) or be moved to GAs if failing our performance review for two consecutive months. In the second scenario, they will no longer qualify for the monthly salary. Instead, their rewards will be calculated based on their performance.

VIII. Glossary

  • Valid registration: users who have registered with DeepBrain Chain website, have their wallets verified and hold DBC in their verified accounts.
  • No performance records: Meaning no one has registered on DBC website using your unique invitation link.
  • Anti-fraud Check: Our official website has anti-fraud checks to detect risks in users’ activities. In cases of serious violation, you might be stripped of your Community Administrator status.

IX. Contact Us

If you have any questions regarding our AI Training Net please contact us via e-mail at, or add WeChat ID: LivenFuture on WeChat for support.