OneGame — A project Based on DeepBrain Chain’s Public Chain

Not Just a Game

Many of you may have heard of a new project called ‘’OneGame’’ recently. The project’s Chinese name is ‘’Wan Shi’’, meaning ‘tens of thousands of worlds’. It is a decentralized virtual world built on DeepBrain Chain’s AI public chain.

DeepBrain Chain is the world’s first AI computing platform powered by blockchain technology. With the support of DeepBrain Chain’s reputation, OneGame has been receiving much publicity. At the moment its Chinese community has seen more than ten WeChat group chat sprouting, its English community also has more than 5,000 members.

OneGame has also received fundings and support from well known blockchain investment institutions and individuals such as DeepBrain Chain Foundation, Loopring Foundation, Youbi Capital, Litecoin Foundation and Blockwater’s associate, Aries Wang.

The team making the game behind the project is Mokuni, a famous American game company that has launched more than ten games in the face years since they were founded. They have been recommended by Apple, Google and Amazon’s app stores numerous times, and their products have been downloaded more than tens of millions times in total. The founder, Pu Shi, is a former senior Google tech specialist, responsible for the architecture and building of Google map’s core data system. He has more than ten years of software development experience, is an outstanding advisor and investor on top of being a brilliant developer.


What is OneGame trying to do ?

OneGame isn’t another ‘’blockchain game’’ that’s just riding the waves, nor another game that you can raise furry little pets. It is trying to build a virtual world parallel to our reality, a self-evolving world that blurs the line between virtual realm and real world based on blockchain.

It’s evident from the meaning of its Chinese name, ‘tens of thousands of worlds’, that the developers of this project has high hopes for it.

This may sound somewhat mind-boggling, but it can be explained in a simpler way. If you’ve seen The Matrix or Ready Player One, you get the idea. OneGame’s goal is to organize all the game developers in the world through blockchain, using token to incentivize and encourage everyone to create a new world on this platform; to receive players’ continuous input through gaming and make this new world more real until it eventually overtakes reality.

AI computing is therefore a core competitive edge on OneGame’s platform. On this front their team has started collaborations with DeepBrain Chain. Through Deep Learning, OneGame can assist users to create new models and scenes; through Reinforcement Learning, they can continuously upgrade the intelligence of non-player roles on the platform through training; and through Genetic Algorithm, using the sequencing of genomics, the platform can continue to iterate itself. All these requires huge computing power and AI computing power and data, and this is where DeepBrain Chain offers its robust platform with these resources.

This vision is obviously grand and unprecedented, the road to their destination will be long and there will be countless technical and engineering obstacles along the way. But a journey of a thousand miles begin with a single step, and now is the time to take that step. OneGame’s team hope to create a sandboxed game on blockchain to complete this first step. The test version of the game will be release between July and August, 2018.

When the test version does come out, what you see might just be a simple game, nothing grande. But you never know, this may well open a new chapter in our civilization.

In their whitepaper, OneGame mentioned that they were inspired by a foreign project called Decentraland (MANA).

MANA is a star project endorsed by many social media influencers, with a high-up position in the market value ranking. At its highest it was once valued at the 60th position, now it stays steadily around the 120th position. However, frankly speaking MANA’s development progress is rather slow for a game. According to their team the project started in 2015, but what we can find online now is only a simple SDK set, and some simple test scenarios.

OneGame has improved on many aspects where Decentraland lacks:

  1. OneGame is truly decentralized, allowing anyone to deploy mining service on DeepBrain Chain’s computing platform through a process that imitate mining. Miners spend DBC and earn OGT while offering computing and storage resources to players.

This is an original concept that’s not been see in other blockchain app projects. Currently, most dApps in the space are just putting up a fake decentralized front or half decentralized. A lot of start-up projects haven’t even understood the blockchain technology, they just reuse the already existing non-blockchain app and change up their business proposal to issue tokens.

OneGame’s design theory realizes the core value of blockchain, it may even lead to a mineable app trend worldwide.

2. OneGame not only allows you to earn rewards through mining, you can also earn rewards through gaming.

OneGame proposed using two decentralized indicators, popularity metric and competitiveness metric, to base the design of their consensus mechanism on. The total amount of ‘’Wan Shi’’ token is 10 billion, out of which 3 billion will be used for an incentive pool. All the fees charged by the system on the platform will go back to the incentive pool, the team will withdraw 10% token from that pool every year to reward miners, content creators and players.

The first batch of players to use OneGame platform may well achieve financial freedom because of the appreciation of OGT tokens.

3. OneGame is a self-evolving platform.

Why should the platform evolve? Just think about our mother nature. The nature nurtures endless different species, and each individual within a species is unique. For the Creator to have control over each individual living being is impossible. Darwin’s theory of evolution is not in contradiction with Creationism.

In OneGame, players are God. Players create Adam and Eve, the system creates variating and endless materials and possibilities through self-evolution based on mathematic random samples. In the whitepaper of OneGame, it reads that they will make the basic components of the platform into DNA genetics codes, using genetics variation, combination and selection to make new components. Part of the theory involves complicated mathematics, biology and computer science knowledge and needs to be revealed in more details in future technical papers. I choose to believe that the OneGame team has the ability to do so.

Comparing to MANA, OneGame is a new project that’s just chasing its precursor. We hope that they can up the game and do what MANA couldn’t so far. Considering OneGame’s original market cap on private funding was only 10 million USD, we believe that it still has a lot of room for growth. Personally I’m ready to sell my house and put all bets in.

DeepBrain Chain

DeepBrain Chain is the world’s first AI computing platform driven by blockchain. It uses blockchain technology to help AI companies save up to 70% of computing costs while protecting data privacy in AI training. It’s vision is to become “Uber in AI”.

DeepBrain Chain’s tech team are manned by developers with 15 years or more experience in programming and architecture development, with prior experience as core members in world famous companies such as Huawei, Ericsson, Aliyun(Alibaba’s cloud service) and other fortune 500 companies.

They have finished the development of iterations 0 and 1, i.e the development of the core bottom-layer architecture and the AI training network and are building the internal testing environment now. By mid June 2018, the DBC AI training network will be open to key user testing. By the end of Q3 of 2018, we will open public testing of the mainnet that will support multiple deep learning tools. By Q4 of 2018, the mainnet will be released to the market and mining will be open to the public.

OneGame (‘’Wan Shi’’)

A decentralized virtual world base in DeepBrain Chain’s AI public chain. Through offering players simple but powerful game editing tools, they allow people without any computer programming knowledge to experience the thrill of creating their own world. Hence building a self-governing and self-evolving virtual world, which offers players an experience like no other game before.

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Official WeChat Account:onegame_official


OneGame Chinese Whitepaper:

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