OTC Trading Guide for DeepToken Exchange

In the OTC Trading Area, easily trade digital currency! Quickly get started with crypto trading!

Step 1, enter the URL: https://www.deeptoken.com

Have an account, click “Login”, then refer to Step 3;

No account, click “Register”;

Step 2, on the registration page, select “Nationality” and enter “Email Address”.

Set the login password and click “Register”;

Step 3, enter the verification code received by your Email

Step 4, After entering the verification code correctly, enter the account number(Registered Email Address) and password, and click “Login”;

Step 5, Login successfully, click on “OTC Trade” in the upper left to enter the page.

Click on the currency you want to buy on the left, BTC, ETH, EOS, etc.

Select a business — — click on “Buy”;

Step 6, Improve unfilled information, link you email and complete the identity authentication (left menu selection); 【By uploading users’ two side passport. Users should hold their Passport information page for one picture, and hold the Passport front for one picture. 】

Step 7, Enter the quantity and place an order;

BTC, ETH, USTD, EOS minimum order amount based on merchant transaction information.

Step 8. On the order details page, confirm the payment amount (total price) and payment method.

Within the time limit, choose a payment method , then click “To Pay”, please be sure to click “Paid”.


1.Please note that you need to transfer directly to the Vender through online banking/mobile banking, Alipay, WeChat according to the Vender’s payment method.

2.If you have transferred money to the Vender, do not click onCancel Transaction” unless your payment account has received a refund from the Vender.

Step 9, In the “Confirm Payment” pop-up window, transfer the money according to the payment method you selected. After the transfer is completed, please click “Paid”.

Note: If you don’t have a real payment, please don’t click “Payment”, which is not allowed by the trading rules.

Then, wait for the Vender to release the currency.

Note: When waiting, you can contact the Vender or the platform customer service, see the note at the end of the article.

Step 10, after the Vender releases the currency, the transaction is successful. Go to the Assets page and transfer assets from “OTC Account” to “Exchange Account”;

The OTC trading zone currently only offers BTC/USDT/ETH/EOS trading. If you need to trade other digital currencies, please go to the Exchange Platform to trade.

Step 11, after the transfer is completed, you can log in to www.deeptoken.com to view the Wallet Balance you just transferred in the fund management, and then you can start trading on the Deeptoken exchange;

Step 12, for example, if you want to use USDT to exchange BTC, first click on the “Exchange” in the upper left. Select the transaction pair of BTC/USDT, and click to enter the transaction page of the transaction pair;

Then you can choose a limit/market price transaction according to your needs.

The limit price transaction is a pending order transaction. You can set the purchase/sell price yourself, and the market price will fluctuate to the price you set.

The market price transaction which means not buying the purchase price, buying or selling according to the current market price, just input the total amount or the total amount to be bought.

If you have other questions or disputes, you can click on the bottom right of the page for “Help”.

Go Register:https://www.deeptoken.com/