Progress Report #27

Dear DeepBrain Chain community,

Welcome to the latest fortnightly progress report. Due to a National Holiday in China, updates are somewhat limited from the past two weeks, but rest assured the DeepBrain Chain team is working tirelessly to expand the DECO (decentralized ecosystem with DeepToken Exchange) with new prospective clients and platform upgrades, devoting time and resources to securing more providers and requesters on the AI Training Net and finalizing AIM orders to bolster the decentralized network of computing power as outlined in our company vision.

1. Marketing

GDIS 2018

On October 1st, DeepBrain Chain along with partner DeepToken Exchange and one of our first DECO incubated projects, VisionX, attended GDIS 2018 in Silicon Valley. The focus of the event was several topics related to the industries of Blockchain + AI, and in particular their potential for integration. There was a huge turn-out including some very esteemed industry names. The event featured a number of presentations from each project with the intention of spreading awareness of the value the respective technologies could bring to the industries of AI and Blockchain, as well as other cross-industry applications in the case of VisionX.

CAO Dr. Dongyan Wang receives Innovation World Star Award (2018 Technology award) on behalf of DeepBrain Chain and VisionX
Panel of industry experts brainstorming the central topic of Blockchain + AI at GDIS 2018

VisionX premiered a live demo of its visual inspection technology, demonstrating its ability to save tremendous amounts of money across multiple industries with its increased accuracy and reduced cost as compared to traditional methods of visual inspection.

CAO Dr. Dongyan Wang presents at GDIS 2018

Taking the opportunity to forge industry connections moving forward, DeepBrain Chain met with Tim Draper, founder of Danhua Venture Capital and Eric Ly, co-founder of LinkedIn. Additionally, we met with hundreds of industry experts at our booth, and also met with local community members to discuss the immediate future of the platform.

DeepBrain Chain meets with venture capitalist Tim Draper
Meeting with Eric Ly, co-founder of LinkedIn

The event received extensive media coverage from some of the world’s largest cryptocurrency media outlets; providing global exposure for the DECO and its ability to incubate quality AI projects to the benefit of investors and the industry at large, and also provide said projects with a significantly cheaper development process via the global network of DeepBrain Chain providers.

Huge turnout from media and investors alike at GDIS 2018 in Silicon Valley

Ceo Feng He was invited to present a seminar and meet with Computer Vision and AI PhD students and professors at renowned Korean university, Ulsan. Feng He was welcomed by Prof. Kang-Hyun Jo, PhD and assistant professor Hyun-Deok Kang.

An apt audience to speak to about the future of AI and Blockchain; these students will help to form the future of these industries, and we received a lot interest and enthusiasm for the potential of the DeepBrain Chain platform to provide innovations with its cheaper computing power and decentralized AI training network.

Keen interest from PhD students in Korea

Media Reports

Forbes: ‘The Blockchain-Enabled Intelligent IoT Economy’

DeepBrain Chain is named as one of the projects poised to take advantage of the imminent cross-industry paradigm shift caused by the convergence of AI Blockchain and IoT

DeepToken Exchange

Following CEO Feng He’s trip to Korea to secure investments and promote awareness of DeepBrain Chain, DeepToken Exchange, and the DECO, we have received significant coverage in local cryptocurrency and technology media channels.

Thai cryptocurrency media platform Blockchain Review conducts interview with CEO Feng He, who discusses the necessity of the DECO for the overall structure of the DeepBrain Chain, and how the innovative ecosystem model will benefit investors and the industry at large.

CEO Feng He interviewed by Blockchain Review

Our media partner, BitcoinAddict Thailand, provides video coverage of our overseas meet-up tour in Bangkok, as well as DeepBrain Chain’s visit to ZMINE, Thailand’s largest mining facility, to discuss the potential for cooperation in regards to the DeepBrain Chain platform.

DeepBrain Chain visits ZMINE to discuss potential cooperation
  • BigCoin Vietnam presents: DeepBrain Chain — The Solution for the AI Industry

3. New Hires

Johnny Ma, Sales VP
Putting an extensive background in marketing and sales for some of the biggest names in the industry to work, Johnny will be focused directly on generating users for the AI Training Net, including both computing power providers and requesters. Johnny Ma worked as Senior Channel Marketing Manager for AMD for over 10 years with an emphasis on strategic value proposition, and as such has detailed knowledge of GPUs and the AI industry’s need for cheaper access to computational power and other pressure points the DeepBrain Chain platform is able to alleviate for the industry.

4. Technological Development

Silicon Valley Team

On October 1st, at the Global Summit on Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain held in Silicon Valley, USA, DeepBrain Chain was awarded the Innovation World Star Award (2018 blockchain technology).

Shanghai Team

R & D team focus: v0.4 main chain refinement design; official website DeepToken demand development.

Architecture design:

  • Network architecture design of multi-chain + fragmentation architecture:
  • v0.4 main chain overall architecture refinement scheme design;
  • DGP solution analysis: read and analyze the DGP source code implemented by related technologies;
  • Data Encryption Scheme Analysis: Container Enhancement Technology;
  • EVM integration solution prototype development;
  • Blockchain network security analysis and design;
  • Official website DeepToken demand test;


  • Official website DeepToken development;
  • On-site system problem solving;
  • Blockchain source code analysis;

5. Talent Recruitment

We are hiring development engineers, security architects and other positions. All self-provided/recommended resumes are given feedback within 48 hours, and we welcome external referrals.

If you recommend a friend/classmate/colleague successfully, after the month of the candidate’s entry you will be given a recommendation reward of 20,000RMB.

Contact email:

Please attach the resume of your recommendation, as well as referee contact information, so that we can issue bonuses as awarded.

6. Community

DeepBrain Chain Global Ambassadors Program

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About DeepBrain Chain

DeepBrain Chain is the world‘s first AI computing platform driven by blockchain. It uses blockchain technology to help AI companies save up to 70% of computing costs while protecting data privacy in AI training. Its vision is to build a “Decentralized AI Cloud Computing Platform” and become “The AWS in AI”

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