A Strategic Collaboration Between DeepCloud AI and Nebulas

May 31st, 2018 — DeepCloud AI is pleased to announce that it is working with Nebulas to ensure the advance of decentralized cloud computing, artificial intelligence and blockchain technology use cases.

DeepCloud AI is combining Artificial Intelligence (AI) and blockchain to build an AI-driven decentralized cloud computing platform for running Decentralized Applications (DApps), including Internet of Things (IoT) and Web 3.0 DApps.

DeepCloud AI will provide a spot market for computing and storage resources for enterprise-level users and individuals. This spot market is designed to let users share their excess computing capacity on their decentralized cloud and with their AI matching engine. Applications will execute in a secure sandbox using peer-to-peer resources, and all transactions are managed on the blockchain with smart contracts.

DeepCloud AI will democratize cloud infrastructure and open a market for compute resource providers and application developers to run and deploy decentralized applications in a cost-effective manner. DeepCloud AI is building a decentralized cloud platform, and is investing in blockchain-based cloud solutions as the future for dapps. The project leverages AI to perform resource-matching between network resource providers and app developers. Further, with deep industry knowledge and expertise in building Enterprise solutions, the core DeepCloud AI team is equipped with insights and solutions for Enterprise customers.

DeepCloud AI’s Decentralized Cloud Infrastructure and Application Marketplaces will leverage Nebulas Rank and the Developer Incentive Protocol to democratize cloud computing. This will level the playing field for cloud resource providers and unlock the potential of DApp developers, allowing them to focus on building their core application logic, and leaving the management of the network’s infrastructure, its complexities, and tools and components to DeepCloud AI. With this combined force, DeepCloud AI can potentially take on large monopolistic players in Cloud Computing space such as Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure.

The union of Nebulas’ technological expertise in the blockchain space and the DeepCloud AI’s experience in AI and Cloud Computing technologies will strengthen both parties as they strive to be world leaders in decentralizing computing for the masses.

Nebulas founder Hitters Xu will also be a Blockchain Advisor to DeepCloud AI, providing insights gleaned from years of experience of developing and building blockchain ecosystems, products and communities.

“When I communicated with DeepCloud AI, I was impressed by their vision for democratizing the cloud and making it easy for anyone to share their computer resources and make money, at same time making it easy for DApp developers to get to these resources for building the applications along with Application Marketplace. I believe the use of Nebulas blockchain by DeepCloud AI can build a strong ecosystem for decentralized applications. I am very excited and looking forward to our great collaboration ahead.” 
— Hitters Xu, CEO Nebulas

“After speaking to Nebulas over the past month, we have ascertained that both our directions, goals and visions are aligned, and have therefore positioned both the DeepCloud AI and Nebulas teams to work more closely together and make sure the DeepCloud AI product is adequately supported. The flexibility and support we get from Nebulas team will allow our project to flourish and overtake existing solutions in a much reduced time span — both from a technological and chronological standpoint.” 
Max Rye, CEO DeepCloud AI

DeepCloud AI is delighted to be part of Nebulas blockchain ecosystem and we look forward to showcasing more collaborations in the near future.

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