DeepCloud AI Announces Strategic Partnership with Voyager Innovations: Collaboration with Purpose

DeepCloud AI
May 24 · 2 min read

DeepCloud and Voyager Innovations recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to forge a partnership to enhance the respective operations of both organizations. The MoU is a written expression of the willingness of both entities to engage in active collaboration as well as undertake activities to develop and expand our working relationship. Both DeepCloud and Voyager share the same belief in progress through innovation, and are excited to be working collaboratively.

About Voyager Innovations

Voyager Innovations, Inc. specializes in the development and delivery of a range of digital services- including IT consulting services, digital commerce, digital payments and other related services. Founded in 2013, Voyager Innovationsmission is to accelerate digital and financial inclusion in their operational territory, the Philippines. The burgeoning tech company boasts an impressive history of performance culminating in late-2018 with their acquisition of the biggest investment to date in a Philippine tech company, by global powerhouses including Tencent and investment firm KKR.

Areas of Cooperation

The cooperative agreement between DeepCloud AI and Voyager Innovations spans a range of areas and offers a variety of benefits for each organization. Ultimately, the objective of the partnership is to assist one another with the onboarding of each party’s products and services in their respective territories through active collaboration. As per the MoU:

  • Voyager will enable DeepCloud to utilize their internal database in order to enhance market research operations.
  • Voyager will promote DeepCloud’s service offerings to their established client base.
  • DeepCloud and Voyager will engage in collaborative agreements in order to promote the products and services of both partners.

The two parties will be operating in tandem to assist one another in various arenas, with DeepCloud especially benefitting from Voyager’s growing client base and established foothold in the Philippine tech market.

The MoU was officially signed in November 2018, by Max Rye, CEO of Deepcloud AI, and managing director of Voyager Innovations, Inc. Dindo G. Marzan. The terms of the agreement are valid for one year, with automatic renewal of terms upon completion. As of May 2019, DeepCloud AI and Voyager Innovations are currently discussing plans and developing technical roadmaps to launch a vehicle registration platform in the Phillippines.

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DeepCloud AI is an AI-driven Cloud Computing project built on blockchain.

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