DeepCloud AI to Enter Partnership with BitMax and Launch Public Sale: Token Metrics & Contribution Guidelines

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Jul 4 · 6 min read

We are proud to announce that DeepCloud AI will be holding our public sale with one of the fastest growing exchanges: BitMax. We would like to sincerely thank all our supporters for their patience and for remaining confident in our vision through thick and thin. In addition to providing technology and execution support for the public sale, BitMax will enable trading of DEEP on their exchange. The DeepCloud AI team is incredibly excited to engage in this strategic partnership and is confident the relationship with BitMax will provide DeepCloud AI global exposure to a highly engaged community. has experienced significant growth since its launch in 2018 and is deeply committed to providing a high-performance, client-centric trading platform to its global client base. Currently, the platform has over 180,000 registered users, with over 50,000 active community members. The listing of DEEP furthers the platform’s commitment to expanding digital asset coverage across a diverse range of applications.

How to Participate in the Public Sale

The public sale begins 8:00 A.M. Eastern Time, July 18th, please read the following instructions carefully, as the public sales process has been changed.

1. You must register an account on, regardless of whether you have already submitted a KYC application and have been approved on DeepCloud AI’s website. (

2. Users are required to complete KYC V2 before they can participate in the public sale. Again, this is a separate KYC from the previous KYC from the planned ICO from last year. This KYC must be approved on the BitMax exchange. Please make sure to submit your KYC at least 3 days before the launch of the public sale for ample time for review.

3. Users must deposit USDT into the BitMax trading account or convert other crypto-assets to USDT.

4. On the BitMax exchange, there will be a form to indicate the desired allocation of DEEP tokens you wish to acquire (time TBA). Users must submit this form and indicate the desired allocation. Please keep the following in mind:

  • Max cap for regular users: 5,000 DEEP ($500 USDT at $0.10 per token)

5. The public sale will be conducted in a First Come, First Serve (“FCFS”) manner. Users that successfully purchases DEEP tokens will be given a link to a registration form on the DeepCloud AI website to receive their quota.

6. Once the quota is provided to each user, the DEEP tokens will be distributed directly into the respective users’ BitMax account once deposits of DEEP are enabled.

7. BitMax will announce an exact date and time for enabling trading of DEEP to commence soon after the distribution of DEEP tokens from the public sale.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there a whitelist for the public sale?
    No, the public sale will be conducted on the BitMax exchange on a First Come, First Served (“FCFS”) process.

Eligibility Rules:

  1. Users are required to complete KYC V2 before they can participate in the public sale.

Token Metrics

Public Sale Hard Cap: 5,000,000 DEEP ($500,000 USDT)
Total Hard Cap: $3,000,000
Total Supply: 200,000,000
Initial Circulating Supply: 1.88% of total supply

Public Sale Price: $0.10 (same as private and presale)
Max Cap for Regular Users: 5,000 DEEP
Max Cap for BTMX Holders with BTMX Position ≥ 10,000 in Cash Account (including pending unlock from private sale): 10,000 DEEP
Public sale allocation: 2.5% of total supply
Presale token price: 1 DEEP = $0.10
Presale allocation: 3.13% of total supply
Private sale token price: 1 DEEP = $0.10 (10%-30% Bonus)
Private sale allocation: 9.38% of total supply

Token Distribution

Public Sale: (2.5% of total supply)

  • 50% unlocked at TGE (t)

Pre-Sale: (3.13% of total supply)

  • 20% unlocked at TGE (t)

Private Sale: (9.38% of total supply)

  • 19 month schedule release starting 90 days post TGE. Unlocks 5.25% every month over 19 months.

Team: (15% of total supply)

  • Locked for 2 years post TGE. With 10 months vesting period: Unlocks 10% every month over 10 months.

Advisors: (5% of total supply)

  • Locked for 2 years post TGE. With 10 months vesting period: Unlocks 10% every month over 10 months.

Bootstrap Initiatives: (15% of total supply)

  • These tokens will be set aside to be used to grow the platform. These tokens will not enter the circulating supply on exchanges and will be offered directly for usage of our platform as an initial growth mechanism.

Reserves: 15% of total supply

  • These tokens will held in reserve to act as a buffer against any unforeseen expenses or future growth

Marketing/Engagement/Masternodes: (10% of total supply)

  • These funds will be distributed to individuals, developers, companies or startups willing to build and/or promote interesting tools, services or dApps on top of DeepCloud’s Fabric. To maintain constant media outreach and to ensure our project remains visible to the blockchain community, a 5% sum has been set aside for influencers, media, events, conferences and other non-crucial but necessary post TGE exposure for our project, such as masternodes.

Foundation/Ecosystem: (25% of total supply)

  • These tokens are retained by DeepCloud AI to support the network and ecosystem.

If you have any questions regarding DeepCloud AI, please feel free to join us in our Telegram Community. For questions regarding KYC, refunds, and distribution process, please refer to the BitMax Community.


All the best,
The DeepCloud AI Team

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