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DeepCloud AI
Jul 22 · 4 min read

The DeepCloud AI team is thrilled by the success of our recent public sale facilitated by (, which sold out in less than 10 seconds. Following the open of trading, DEEP traded as high as $0.50 (+400% from public sale price) before price stabilized around $0.30 (+200% from public sale price). We’ve received overwhelmingly positive feedback from our community and would like to extend our thanks to for introducing us to one of the world’s largest trading communities.

Given the incredible success of the token sale and the recent surge in project interest, DeepCloud AI is very excited to announce strategic investments from industry-leading private investors including KOSMOS Ventures, JRR Crypto, Jubilee Capital Management, and LD Capital. These institutions have backed some of the most successful projects such as QTUM, Ziliqa, and Tezos, and will provide significant strategic value to the DeepCloud platform as it continues to build out its existing suite of applications in the distributed cloud network.

No presale discounts were granted to strategic investors, and all committed parties must adhere to the identical vesting schedules as previously communicated to our community. All strategic investors tokens got sold prior to the Public Sale at presale terms.

The onboarding of additional presale investors has resulted in an increase in the initial circulating supply from investors of 618,552 DEEP. Each strategic investor is committed to providing ongoing support to expand the growing DeepCloud community and assist with the team’s continuous efforts to grow network value. Stay tuned for upcoming announcements regarding new products within the DeepCloud suite of applications that will extend the project’s suite of enterprise solutions.

Introduction to DeepCloud AI

DeepCloud AI twines the two most important technologies of today — blockchain and AI — to deliver the most advanced materialization of a distributed cloud network. DeepCloud AI will offer a spot market for excess computational resources possesses by individuals and institutions alike.

DeepCloud AI is creating a suite of applications that will act as the market makers for the demand of the computation resources. These applications are already consuming resources from a decentralized supply of resource providers from the DeepCloud AI community. Through the execution of an advanced DAG layer above DeepCloud AI’s blockchain, the applications are able to deliver the scalability demands of its global network of enterprise clients. The established demand of DeepCloud AI’s product suite is a testament to the project’s ability to deliver the most advanced solution for the distributed internet infrastructure that will support the smart cities of the future.

About LD Capital

With over $100M in AUM, LD Capital is one of the leading blockchain-focused VCs in Asia. LD Capital has achieved incredible success due to its team’s ability to recognize projects that have achieved record-breaking success. Some of the VC’s most prized early investments were in QTUM, VeChain, SERO Cash, Perlin, Celer Network, LITION, NEO, and Carry Protocol.

About Jubilee Capital Management (JCM)

JCM (Jubilee Capital Management) is a Singapore based Venture Capital fund, and it was founded by experienced fund managers and successful entrepreneurs from both Singapore and China.

In 2018, JCM launched its first blockchain fund to contribute to the long-term development of blockchain technology. JCM’s Blockchain Fund has executed some of the industry’s best early investments, including Telegram, Zilliqa, Top Network, Contents Protocol, and more.

JRR Crypto

JRR Crypto is an investment group focused exclusively on ventures, protocols, and platforms related to the blockchain ecosystem. We empower these companies with the network, tools, and capital to build the decentralized future. JRR’s investments include Binance, BITMAIN, EOS, and Certik.

KOSMOS Ventures

KOSMOS Ventures is the leading and largest Australian-based VC firm specializing in blockchain-based assets.

With a focus on helping blockchain startups scale and integrate their products into enterprises, KOSMOS Ventures is committed to accelerating the development and adoption of blockchain technology. KOSMOS Ventures has been an investor in some of the most notable projects in the industry, including Telegram, Perlin, Tezos, NuCypher, Certik, and Polkadot.

Future Initiatives

In the coming months, DeepCloud AI is saddled to announce the release of new products that will extend the project’s suite of enterprise solutions. There is already sufficient demand for the upcoming products and thus the applications will launch with a go-to market. Along with its upcoming product releases, DeepCloud AI will be announcing the names of recently-on boarded new partners and clients.

DeepCloud has come a long way since its project announcement in early 2017, and much of its achievement are associated with the overwhelming support the project has received from its global network of supporters.

If you have any questions regarding DeepCloud AI, please feel free to join us in our Telegram Community.


All the best,
The DeepCloud AI Team

DeepCloud AI

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DeepCloud AI is an AI-driven Cloud Computing project built on blockchain.

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